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Singaporeans are health-freaks. Who isn’t, working and living in our stressful socio-economic environment? For that reason, Selvi embarked on setting up a confectionery that crafts only endearing and gratifying vegetarian pastries, cakes and cookies.
It’s been more than three decades now, and Selvni Dheli attests to the artistry, passion and culinary-flair of Selvi in making every moment that you savour a cookie, a cake and a pastry momentous times of exceptional culinary experience that will have you come back for more!
they famous food is tarts, but I try them cake.. also not bad... can go to try
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31 Mar 2013 21:27:16
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Enjoy the wide variety of taste sensations of our pastries, cakes and cookies crafted deftly from the artistry and passion of our culinary-schooled chefs.

We are Halal Certified, and designing custom-orders of vegetarian pastries, cakes and cookies for weddings, birthdays, special occasions and anniversaries is our forte and specialty.

Incidentally, we are about the ONLY confectionery that whips up delectable vegetarian pastries, cakes and cookies for your guilt-free indulgence.
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Specialized in Vegetarian & Non Vegetarian Cakes, Pastries, and Cookies

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