I love their food especially their sambal sotong. Must try!
Very classic nasi padang dishes that made it a household. Especially sambal prawn, very good ah.
If you happen to be here, dont forget to order their sambal eggplant.. Plus other dishes.. Nice place and.ambience with good service
Potong nasi padang, they have variety of dishes: curry fish, chicken sotong, beef rendang,
great variety of asian spicy food.
We ordered some chicken curry, beef rendang... beef rendang- it was tender &the rempah was quite flavourful chicken curry -it was a letdown, The gravy was half-hearted,the chicken hadn\'t absorbed much of the curry flavour. It almost tasted like plain boiled chicken with curry poured over it as an afterthought The price was abit expensive & tasted just normal Overall i rate 6/10