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Quotient Travel Planner Set up in early 2007, Quotient Travel Planner is a revolutionary company that specialises in facilitating customised independent travel.
They provide customise travel itinerary to any destination. Hmm... Would definitely source for their opinion for my nxt trip.. =)
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12 May 2011 18:35:45
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Our Services:

Customised Trips >

We specialise in facilitating customised independent travel, helping our clients plan their own self-conducted trip. We work closely with clients to understand their needs and wants, and incorporate them into a highly personalised and unique itinerary.

For last minute travel or fully bespoke holidays commissioned upon your request. Any desires for private flights, food and beverage experiences, religious tours, sports and motoring quests and more can be fulfilled here. Extensive research is undertaken to ensure maximum travel efficiency and viability within budgetary, seasonal, thematic and physical parameters.

A holiday with us includes a holiday itinerary, complete with a travel pack that gives you point to point instructions, an activity guide, shopping guide and dining guide, accommodation, and, depending on your itinerary, private guides, private transfers, rail passes, car rental, purchasing tickets for performances, restaurant reservations and more.

Grand Touring Collecting - Driving Convoy Tours >

In the 17th Century, the Grand Tour undertaken by European men of means and privilege to further their education in in the art and culture of Continental Europe. In those days, the Grand Tour was not a trip undertaken lightly. Quotient TravelPlanner has added accomplishments of our time to the classics of the ancient era.

From the finest Brunello wines of Montepulciano, the best seafood in Grosseto, the most delicate artisanal chocolate of Pistoia, a tour of the clockworks workshops of Schaffhausen, the archest society balls in Costa Smeralda, viewing the greatest Surrealist paintings in Figueres, the best dazzling white beaches in Costa Brava, the emptiest unrestricted autobahns in Swabia, from staying in design boutique hunting lodges to grand lakeside palaces, touring in a BMW 1 Serie to a Bugatti Veyron. And to truly learn from the great masterpieces, you can be accompanied by a lecturer on each subject.

Group driving convoys led by us on a regular basis throughout the year combining various aspects of these themes: from full-on sportscar driving to relaxing food and wine tours during the truffle season. Private trips are also available, just let us know your theme and we will create a unique and personally commissioned trip for you.

Getaways >

We understand the need for uncompromised short breaks. Whether it’s experiencing time slow down in Bhutan, rediscovering romance on a private island in the Philippines, revisiting the charms of rustic island living in Lombok, or delving deeper into the rich cultures of Bali, we have a getaway to match your every mood. If you have a destination in mind, we will be happy to further customise your getaways request, please call us at +65 6435 0922.

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