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Prolife Water Pte Ltd is local manufacturing company with the USA machineries to produce Oxygenated pure drinking water, a distilled water quality with extra oxygen that make the water fresher than others drinking water.
As a F&B company in Singapore, our factory has been received Silver award from AVA (Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority) for the 10 consecutive years to have 'A' grade certificate,as Excellent in hygiene,Sanitizingand Processing in bottles water.

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Free Rental Water Dispenser & Free Delivery of Oxygenated Water
Oxygenated Drinking Water
In 3 Gal, 5 Gallon bottle, 330ml bottle & 500ml bottle
No sodium
No soil mineral
No chlorine
No preservative



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We only want the best for ourselves and family.Tired and lack of time to boil water? How about getting a water dispenser? Starting from $58, you get free installation and delivery.
Quench Your Thirst with Quality Oxygenated Distilled Water! Promotion - Water Dispenser for Office / Home Contact them @ 6283 0638 / Webpage : www.prolifewater.com.sg