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Since 2002, Overseas Education has assisted thousands of students to pursue their dreams of further education overseas.

We represent many accredited state and private universities as well as educational institutions in countries such as US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland and many more.

We represent 40% of the Top 30 University in the UK such as Edinburgh, York, Bath, Exeter, Leicester, Newcastle, Loughborough, Surrey, East Anglia, Royal Holloway, Leeds, Aston etc

Our professional counselors, or rather, Academic Solutions Providers, are able to provide advice on all matters relating to studying abroad as well as prospects after graduation. We provide a comprehensive approach by tailoring a Personal Education Plan based on each student's personal, academic and financial profile.

Clear all doubts and worries with our complete advice on every aspect associated with studying abroad such as accommodation, admissions to courses and education institutions, insurance, air ticketing, application of student visa, bank statements, medical checkup, reception and departure etc. Best of all, our service are free!
Our operating hours have been extended to:

Mon - Fri 10am to 7pm (Free Walk in)
7pm to 9pm (By Appointment)
Sat 10am to 3pm (Free Walk in)
3pm to 5pm (By Appointment)
Sun 2pm to 4pm (By Appointment)

See the full list of Our Partner Universities that we represent
809 French Road, #04-172 Kitchener Complex (S) 200809
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For you who want to study abroad or want to send your children to study overseas. Here, they provide a service of information that will help you to prepare your need before you go. From applications, documents, and education plan.
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