Year End Promotion 2 Year End Promotion 1 Year End Promotion We specialize in laptop and PC repair & servicing. Our technicians are well-trained to get your computer system up and running as soon as possible at a reasonable and affordable price.

Nexus IT Solution is the perfect computer servicing and repair provider for corporate users in Singapore who demand professional service without the high costs. We also provide IT Maintenance Contract to cater to SMB, SME and also large enterprise at an affordable price.
About Us

Nexus I.T Solution (S) Private Limited (BRN:201015243R)

Nexus I.T Solution (S) Private Limited formerly known as Intel Marketing Private Limited was founded in 2009 as an IT outsource firm on the Motto of supplying high-quality computer services which are both effective and affordable .By 2010 we have transformed into a comprehensive IT company, which specialize in working with small medium enterprises (SME) .

Our Business objective is to become a comprehensive one-stop I.T. solution which specializes in providing IT solutions to customers and to be one of the best I.T. service providers for individual and corporate.

Through the years, even after a number of milestones we have never forgotten our roots and till this day, we are still serving all our customers with our broad range of IT services using the same motto of being effective and affordable.

Our Vision

A growing number of companies of all sizes have come to realize that it is not practical to endure the financial burden of running their whole IT department in-house. Outsourcing a part or complete IT department makes good business sense as it eliminates the time and expense of maintaining an in-house IT department. This frees up a company's valued personnel so they can support their mission critical business processes and maximize their business gains or ROI.

Nexus I.T Solution (S) I.T. infrastructure will be run by a professional, certified support team, allowing you to concentrate on your core business. It is an option worth evaluating to save costs and improve efficiencies. Explore the range of robust services and solutions here and contact us for a discussion to better comprehend the vital role we play to ensure that your IT infrastructure and systems are functioning to empower your growth strategies.

Our Team

We invest in our people as we strongly believe a service oriented company success is due primarily to it employees. The Management team of Nexus IT Solution strongly believes that all our staffs are critical to the success of our business - and our client’s. It's our people that make the difference: friendly, professional, flexible and experienced. With different teams that specialize for residential and corporate clients, we would definitely have what you require.

Product & Services

Residential IT Service

  • Home Computer Repair Service

We specialize in laptop and PC repair & servicing for Windows, DOS and Linux systems. Our technicians are well-trained to get your computer system up and running as soon as possible, minimizing delays to your operations.

Nexus IT Solution is the perfect computer servicing and repair provider for computer users in Singapore who demand professional service without the high costs and delays usually associated with hardware problems. We are highly experienced and skilled professional computer technicians.
Trust and enjoy our speedy and reliable services:

PC / Laptop Servicing
Problem analysis, consultation
Hardware troubleshooting
Operating system installation & software troubleshooting
Hard disk partitioning & formatting
Windows / software installation
Hardware installation, CD-ROM, CD-RW, Hard drive, etc
Hardware and driver installation, video, audio, Ethernet network card installation
Home Wireless Networking
Virus / Spyware/ Malware/ Adware Removal Service
Internet Security
Data Recovery (Backup and Restore)
Preventative PC Maintenance and Optimization

Corporate IT Service

  • Ad-Hoc Computer Service

PC and Laptops requires constant care and maintenance to ensure optimal usage. We provide a variety of services which includes:

Software Maintenance eg : unable to boot up or log in?
Operating system problem eg: blue screen of death?
Drivers compatibility issues
Applications support etc.
Hardware failure, eg : no display , computer hang or slow speed
Installation of operating systems, software, Configuring of OS
Backup and recovery

  • Software / Hardware Installation

We offer a broad range of hardware and software (OS) products with installation when required. Where appropriate, these are tested and pre-configured prior to our visit. This eliminates many teething problems as well as minimizing disruption to your work routine.

  • Software / Hardware Updates

Installing drivers can be a tedious and time consuming process. Our aim is to save you endless hours of work and aggravation normally associated with updating drivers so that your attention can be shifted to your core business. This is done through a variety of ways: remote installations, Scripts etc. All of these which depend on the environment of our clients.

  • Antivirus & Spyware Management Services

In the fast moving context of the IT world today , All Organizations regardless of size has realize the needs of proper computer security tools such as antivirus , spam ware , malware and other malicious thing that will effectively cripple or comprised the organizations capabilities.

Our responsibilities includes taking preventive measures to protect our clients computers , networks , from a variety of attacks ranging forms antivirus , spamware , malware to hacking etc by targeting any software that may have been surreptitiously installed on your computers which may cause severe harm and damage to your infrastructure and business capabilities .

This is done by a variety of means: ranging from antivirus, anti -spy software to software control, etc.

  • Data Protection & Recovery Services

Protect your mission critical data and applications from power failure, hardware failure, a software crash or software bugs with disaster recovery strategies that automate backup and recovery, server clustering, and data replication to meet your recovery point (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO). Unable to access precious data in your hard-disk 2.5" or 3.5" IDE/SATA? Contact us for trouble shooting and data recovery on these devices.

  • IT Equipment Repair Services

We provide a 1 year parts warranty on a 1 to 1 exchange basis for computers purchased from us. In the event of a hardware failure, our technicians will perform on-site trouble shooting to determine cause of failure, and carry out parts replacements if necessary. We also provide Reformatting of Equipments if asked to or assembly services.

  • Networking (New Network Installation or Upgrading)

We have extensive experience in computer networking and provide organizations with transparent and flexible networking solutions. From small companies requiring their first network to larger MNC's requiring network solutions and security overhauls, we provide new and upgrading networking services at affordable pricing.

  • Wireless Networking Installation

Wireless networking gives users the mobility to move around within a broad coverage area and still be connected to their network or IT infrastructure. There are now thousands of universities, companies, hotels and public places with public wireless connection. We provide independent consulting for developing and deploying a broad range of wireless network solutions to IT departments and system integrators.

  • Printers Installation and Configuration Options

Our technicians and engineers are on hand to configure your output peripherals such as printers, scanner to allow multiple usages by your employees.

There are a few options to do so. To configure a PC to be the master PC and share out that printer among multiple users. Most organization will use the printer can also be directly connected through an IP address for common Sharing of printer.Using a print server or the company server to double up as a print server to allowing print sharing though the use of the company network

  • Server Maintenance Program

Nexus IT Solution is able to remove the hassle of maintaining hardware, and will keep your company's server running with the following:

Minimal downtimes -Domain Controller. DHCP, DNS, configurations.
Hardware and software upgrades
Backup systems
RAID configuration
Installation/Configuring of the server OS

IT Maintenance Contract(Yearly Renewal)

Our Offerings to You:

  • Proactive Maintenance of Desktop
    includes maintenance and daily review of disk health check, anti-virus update checks, hacker check, windows service check & event log checks.
  • Monitoring of Server or Desktop
    (without maintenance) allows you to know your most critical systems are right up to date via a daily report. You can thereafter engage us to fix up the problem(s) on a billable basis.
  • Unlimited Helpdesk & Technical Liaison
    includes unlimited phone support, unlimited email support, unlimited remote support of your users, on-site support as when necessary & interact with all hardware and software vendors on behalf of your organization to ensure proposals, pricing and work performed are accurate and satisfactory.
  • Service Level
    includes guaranteed call back response time, guaranteed on site response time (if on site visit required for resolution) or 24x7x365 emergency paging service.

Starter Plan (From $90 per Computer per Month or $950 per Annum)

  • MONTHLY Preventive Maintenance Per Year
  • Free Network Topology and Asset Tagging
  • Unlimited Tele-consultations
  • Guaranteed 24-HOURs response time of repair service
  • Remote Technical Support
  • Support for hardware, software & office network
  • Dedicated primary and secondary engineer for all on-site support
  • Coverage from 1030AM to 6PM, Mon To Fri

Executive Plan (From $120 per Computer per Month or $1250 per Annum)

  • MONTHLY Preventive Maintenance Per Year
  • Free Network Topology and Asset Tagging
  • Unlimited Tele-consultations
  • Guaranteed 8-HOURs response time of repair service
  • Remote Technical Support
  • Support for hardware, software & office network
  • Dedicated primary and secondary engineer for all on-site support
  • Coverage from 10.30AM to 6PM Mon To Fri, 930AM to 1230PM Sat

VIP Plan (From $160 per Computer per Month or $1650 Per Annum)

  • MONTHLY Preventive Maintenance Per Year
  • Free Network Topology and Asset (Hardware & Software) Tagging
  • Unlimited Tele-consultations
  • Guaranteed 5-HOURs response time repair service
  • Remote Technical Support
  • Support for hardware, software & office network
  • Dedicated primary and secondary engineer for all on-site support
  • Coverage from 9.30AM to 8PM Mon To Sun

Benefits of Maintenance Plan

1) Priority Service in Scheduling (Higher priority for contract customers)
We guarantee fast and immediate response. Depending on your contract, this can vary from 3hr to 8hrs from the placement of the call to your doorstep.
Unlimited Email and Phone Support During Operating Hours
Faster response for Business users
After Hours support for contract customers
You will be held in greater priority over other non contract customers.

2) Preventive Maintenance (Prevent failures before they occur)
Scheduled on-site visits to check health of systems, alerting you to any impending failure
Back up emails/data and optional system cloning for quick and fast data restoration
Monitor System Logs to identify potential problems
Ensure Security Patches are updated correctly to prevent exploitation by viruses and worms
Check System logs for any evidence of impeding hardware failure or data corruption
More cost effective to prevent failures than to rectify them
Eliminates any unnecessary downtime

3) Problem Analysis & Topology Report (Identify problems and offer solutions)
Asset tagging and tracking - Detailed information on all systems will be given to you upon completion of the report, enabling you to easily keep track of your current IT inventory and IT network settings
Problem analysis and resolution - Any problems found during the course of the report will be documented and remedial action to resolve these issues will be presented to the client.
A full topology of your office setup and network will be created for you.

4) Personalized Services (Service with a personal touch)
Dedicated engineers will be assigned to attend to you. This eliminates the need of having to explain yourself again and again to every new ad-hoc vendor that comes down to assist you.

As part of any maintenance package, professional advice pertaining to all IT matters will be provided free of charge.

5) Discounted Price Rates (Long term cost savings)
Depending on the nature of contract agreement, you will be given a discounted price rate of up to 20% off from the normal price rates, resulting in significant cost savings in the long run

  • New Office IT Infrastructure Solution and Setup/Relocation setup

We specialize in offering a comprehensive New Office /Relocation Startup Package.


Our onsite PC repair services:

At Your Service Wherever!
Get a first hand view of how our IT Professionals service your computer ONSITE. Feel free to ask questions - we will be more than happy to help.

Virus / Trojan Horse /Spyware Removal
Pop-ups / Ads appearing out of nowhere, Internet connection problems, unusually slow computer? We are experienced in these problems and more

Corporate / Office Network Setup and Configuration
We have network consultants and field engineers who can assist to setup an office network, cable wiring and relocation services.

Worms / Zombie / Malware Malicious Software Removal
Symptoms such as unusual network activity (blinking LEDs), system crashes, disappearing of files and a slower-than-usual performing computer may be an
indication of its existence. We can install free anti-virus and free anti-spyware software.

Documents and Settings Transfer
Move/Copy documents, Outlook e-mails, photos, pictures, iTunes, favorites, save games and other personal files from your old computer to your new PC.

Hard Disk / Flash Data Recovery Services
Important E-Mails? Documents? Contacts? Can't retrieve them even when mounted in an external enclosure? We're here for you! No need of large four figure costs at expensive data recovery centers when the hard disk has no physical damage.

Upgrade/Reinstall to Genuine Original Windows XP from Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
We can reinstall your drivers, software, desktop icons, favorites, Microsoft Outlook [Express] e-mails, personal documents, cookies, photos and other personal media from your previous operating system.

Wireless Network Security
If your wireless network is not protected, then anyone outside can access your network without you knowing! And their activity may not be legal! We can assist to secure and protect your wireless network using standard security wireless encryption technologies (WEP / WPA / WPA2).

Flexible Appointment Times
Late Evening Appointments? No problem. Weekends? Not a issue! Public Holidays? No sweat! Contact us!

And More..
We are specialised in many computer problems. View more of our services.

No Risk Guarantee

If we do not resolve any of your problems, pay only transportation charges.

We Support Most Brands and Models Computer and Notebook/Laptop Repair

Call Us Now @ 6475 5102 or Email Us:

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