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New Century Recycling

New Century Recycling is a Licensed Exporter for Scrap Batteries, a Licensed Toxic Indusrial Waste Collector, and a Licensed General Waste Collector. Our business commenced operations in 2001, business activities are procuring, processing and exporting of all kinds of scraps. We are wholesaler for lead and tin products. Also, we supply and fabricate the lead weight.

Looking at ways to dispose your battery scraps? How about lead or non ferrous scraps? New Century accepts battery disposals and including steel scraps as well.
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6 May 2013 14:06:46
Products & Services

We are buying and selling the following scraps:

Lead acid battery scrap (with NEA licence)
Nickel Cadmium battery scrap (with NEA licence)
Metal Scrap
Stainless Steel
Electrical Cables / Wire
Lead Scrap
Lead Ingot

Solder Waste
Solder Bar

Wholesale of the following products :
Lead sheet (1x3) inch, 26 pieces per kg.
Lead bar (2.5 kg per bar)
Lead ingot (purity 99.8%, 20kg per ingot)
Solder bar (40% solder / 60% lead)

We Supply & Fabricate The Lead Weight


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