Hopefully, our VAV DDC and the LCD wall command module can be part of the solution to provide comfortable indoor environment for building occupants so that they can focus on his job instead of worrying about their toes turning blue.
A big thank you to LonMark International for providing us the opportunity to share our products with the American market and also those kind fellows from Circon who helped to bind a Lon network variable from another brand humidity sensor so that the LCD w
About Us

Matrix Controls Pte. Ltd. is the leading provider of Controllers, Servers and Software for Intelligent Systems in Building Automation in Singapore as well as the region.

The impressive list of buildings that have benefited from the system innovation of Matrix Controls includes One Raffles Quay, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore Management University (City Campus), Harbourfront, Ministry of Home Affairs, Guangzhou Convention Centre, and Hua Lian Li Xiang Resort.

Products & Services

Services includes:

  • Software Development
  • Electronics Engineering
  • BAS (Building Automation Systems)
  • IBMS (Integration Building Management Systems)

Products include:

System Level Software - System Level Software is software used at the system level for user interface to field devices/controllers

  • Facility Booking
  • Human Machine Interface

LonWorks Direct Digital Controllers - LonWorks Direct Digital Controllers built for HVAC (Heating Ventilation & Airconditioning) and lighting

  • HVAC Direct Digital Controllers
  • Lighting Direct Digital Controllers
  • General Purpose Direct Digital Controllers
  • Motor Direct Digital Controllers
  • LonVue Network Variable Display Unit

P-Series Direct Digital Controllers - P-Series Direct Digital Controllers are general programmable controllers

  • General Purpose Controllers
  • Expansion Modules
  • HVAC Direct Digital Controllers

Sensors - Sensors used in building automation and opto-isolation modules to electrically separate inputs and outputs

Isolation Modules

LonWorks Power Meter


Authorized System Integrators

We provide the necessary support in marketing, engineering and full technical maintenance. We deal only with System Integrators towards the implementation of our products.

Energy Auditing

We will identify areas where energy can be saved and calculate the potential savings you can achieve.

If you are interested in achieving savings in your electrical bill and turning your building into a greener more energy efficient place, we can help. Your savings will be significant and worthwhile.

OEM Customers

If you are an Air-conditioning Equipment Manufacturer, and would like to put in your own brand of electronic controls, we can design the electronics to suit your application and help you to manufacture it so that it can be packaged with your equipment before it ships.


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