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Marcus Li Wah... Nice shirt 11 May 2011 15:51:58
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Wah... Nice shirt at only $75
I paid $200SGD each for two pair of trousers, and ordered "boring American lawyer black" and instead, after delivery, I found that they were brown. MANWAY calls them now "ash black" but I wear black ALL the time (US attorney), and they don't match my suits or my shoes.. they are brown.... so I tried to ask MANWAY to make things right... and he said he would do it for "cost" ($SGD80). Funny, that means he makes $120 profit off a $200 pair of trousers, and doesn't even cut them or sew them himself. Anyway, as this would come out to $560 for two pairs ($400 + $160) I will simply go to an American store where people LISTEN to customers' needs and supply EXACTLY what is ordered, instead of enriching this tailor unjustly.
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