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About Us
With 11 years of proven track record, London Weight Management offers result-driven slimming solutions for ladies who have been battling weight issues. Guaranteeing 8-22cm loss in just 1 session*, London has continually been awarded Singapore’s Most Effective Slimming Brand^. The birth of London Weight Management has brought new hope to women who have been battling weight problems most of their lives. To date, more than thousands of modern women have already experience the result of this breakthrough weight management success. 3 SIMPLE STEPS TO FAST & EFFECTIVE WEIGHT LOSS

1. Full Body Fat Analysis
Finding out why and how your weight problem came about is extremely crucial towards implementing the appropriate slimming treatment. Thus, our professional weight management specialist will first conduct a one-to-one consultation and a detailed body fat analysis to find out the causes of your weight problem as well as your daily lifestyle habits.

2. Customised Slimming Programme
Based on your body condition and problem areas, a customised slimming treatment programme which effectively targets your weight problem, and a comprehensive diet plan will be devised for you.

3. Home Care and Follow Up
To ensure optimal slimming results, our specialists will recommend suitable home care products for you. Besides, they will also monitor your weight loss progress, making appropriate treatment adjustments to ensure you achieve your ideal figure in no time.

Free 6 Quick & Easy Slimming Treatments
+ Professional Body Fat Analysis (total worth $600)PLUS! Bonus Gift for First 50! 1 set of Fat Burning Products (worth $68)
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Products & Services
Our Slimming Treatments Benefits
  • Breaks down fat cells & walls
  • Eliminates stubborn fats
  • Boosts calorie burn
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Speed up your metabolism
  • Tightens skin after weight loss
  • Removes toxins & water retention
  • Rapid stress relief for relaxation
  • Optimal, long-lasting results
Targeting female weight issues:
  • Overall Weight Gain
  • Post-natal Weight Gain
  • Bulging Tummy
  • Flabby Arms
  • Bulky "Thunder" Thighs
  • Sagging Buttocks
  • Cellulite / Stretch Marks
  • Water Retention / Toxins
Guaranteed Results
  • Guaranteeing a loss of 8-22cm and 3kg* or more in 1 session.
    *Refers to full-body loss. Your results may vary.

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