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About Us

LCentral Enrichment Centre (Thomson) specialises in teaching all aspects of English literacy which includes reading, writing, speaking and listening. With our experienced teachers and creative teaching methods unlike any other, we provide your child with an unsurpassed learning experience.

Products & Services

Our programme are developed by curriculum experts and teachers and each programme is designed to meet all aspects of literacy, is outcome based and aligned with the MOE syllabus.

At LCentral Thomson, the entire philosoply is revolves around 3 essential elements:

Literacy Learning Leadership


Literacy and learning-to-read, empower your child to become an independent learner for life. At LCentral, your child develops phonemic awareness and learns phonics before entering our Intensive English Language & Reading programme which also covers comprehension, spelling skills and vocabulary development. Composition, oral presentation, grammar and exam skills are continually developed as your child moves through the scaffolded levels of our Success programme.

  • Empower your Child
  • Intensive English Language & Reading Programme
  • Phonics, Composition, Comprehension, Grammar, Spelling Skills
  • Exam Skills


Learning is an ongoing process. LCentral's programme nurture your child's naturally inquisitive nature and inspire a passion for learning. Encouraging and supporting these qualities early in life gives your child The Unfair Advantage throughout their formal education and into the future.

  • Give Your Child The Unfair Advantage
  • Individualised Learning
  • Unique Methodology
  • Passion for Learning
  • Nurture an Inquisitive Nature


LCentral programmes promote life skills and values such as integrity, responsibility, confidence, perseverance and mutual respect which are integral to the development of strong leadership qualities. Our programmes lay the foundations to support your child's learning and enhance their potential to become tomorrow's leaders.

  • Confidence Building
  • Team Spirit
  • Character Forming
  • Public Speaking
  • Communication


Dynamich Native English Speaking teachers provide valid phonological experiences to the students. Teacher's experience is recognised as invaluable in the delivery of educational outcomes and more particularly so when those outcomes are required to be demonstrated by young children. Regular quality control checks are conducted with teachers to ensure programmes' delivery is of high standard.

Class size

We offer small class sizes which allow opportunities for your child to receive individual attention.

Alignment with Singapore MOE Syllabus

We have aligned our programmes with Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) syllabus.


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