INDIVIDUALISED AND GROUP EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMES P1-Preparatory is a programme for 5 and 6 year olds to prepare them for formal mainstream primary education. The focus is on pre-reading skills and number concepts, as well as pre-academic skills. Please click : Info & Tips to find out more about Pre-Academic Skills. Structured Mathematics is a programme that focus on childâ??s development and understanding of mathematical concepts and thinking skills through progressive steps and differentiated teaching instructions. The objective is to build the childâ??s confidence and interest in the subject resulting in successful application of the mathematical concepts and strategies during examination and in real-life. Structured Literacy is a programme that develops childâ??s oral and written English Literacy skills. The programme covers Spelling, Reading, Grammar, Vocabulary, Comprehension and Writing. The child will be exposed to a variety of exercises to give ample opportunities to apply their language skill and to develop critical-thinking skill. Early Intervention Programme (for verbal and non-verbal learners) is a programme designed for 2 to 4 year olds who are diagnosed with developmental delay in one or more of the areas of development : Fine Motor, Cognitive, Communication, Social-Emotional and / or Adaptive Skills.
They truly believes and care for their students. Their passion, experience & qualification had maximize the students potential and enable them to see their future.
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