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At Heavenly homespace, we specialise in providing innovative interior design and dependable renovation services. We work closely with our clients at every steps of the design process. Supported by an amazing team of dedicated designers and craftsmen, Heavenly homespace prides ourselves on our exceptional customers service, outstanding workmanship and steady sense of responsibility.

Each of the our home specialist assigned to service your project will be dedicated to ensuring you have a pleasant experience in creating your heavenly homespace.

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When the renovation started, Eason coordinated with our carpenter, suppliers and condominium management office. Eason arranged everything for us nicely. Surprisingly, we only took a couple of days leave for the occasions we must be present such as colour and materials, and confirming actual sizes of furniture. Most touching our hearts was that he had no hesitation at all to repair or replace the items we were not satisfied even after the renovation. We recommended Eason to our friend for her new home renovation at Lake ville. She is also very satisfied with Eason’s services as well. Mr & Mrs Gu Jianhui