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Who are we?

We are an integrative health & aesthetic centre.

Using the latest equipment, our body slimming services are a natural and safe alternative to liposuction, and at a fraction of the investment!
Unlike many similar centres that offer weight loss and body slimming programmes by professionals only trained in aesthetics, the services provided at our centre are actually administered by natural health practitioners. The solutions you would get is customized to your individual requirements and needs and not only will you become more beautiful, you would also become healthier as a result.
Best of all, the slimming services are based on money-back guarantee. If you don't become slimmer, you don't pay!

Our alternative health and aesthetic center in Singapore offer the following solutions and treatments:


Health check

Treatments/ Therapy
  • Ozone Therapy
  • BioResonance Therapy
  • Autism/ADHD treatment for Children
  • Preventive healthcare consultation and treatment
  • Lifestyle problems consultation and treatment
  • Clinical nutrition
  • Pain management and others

Body Slimming

Face Treatments
    • Face lift - reduction of laugh lines & saggy skin; anti-aging
    • Radiance - Skin, pigmentation and scars lightening
    • Skin Peel - rejuvenate, flawless skin

511 Guillemard road, #02-04, Grandlink Square(s)399849
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