Whats A Pizza?

Peruse search engines and you’ll find all types of pizza wars raging. From which city has the best pizza to which toppings are best, pizza lovers are quick to get into some heated online debates.
Pizza purists would turn their noses up at pizzas with some unorthodox ingredients such as the macaroni cheese topping that is currently offered by one national chain. This leads to the question: What is a Pizza?

A pizza consists of a crust, sauce, cheese (and it doesn’t HAVE to be mozzarella) and toppings. Some pizzas are nothing more than a vehicle for piling as much gooey cheese as possible. Other pizzas go easy on the cheese and concentrate more on perfecting the flavor of the sauce and the consistency of the crust.

Whichever pizza is more your style (and some would say that ANY pizza is their style), you’re sure to be able to find someone who would be willing to argue about your choice with you.

Some of the most popular toppings are the old favorites: pepperoni, sausage, veggies and, of course, extra cheese. Although some would argue that extra cheese qualifies as a topping. Just because these are the most popular, does that necessarily make them the best pizza toppings?

Many of your who are over 40 can remember a world where putting ham and pineapple on a pizza was considered bizarre. Today, adding such toppings is often called a Hawaiian pizza, and it’s a very popular choice nationwide.

At some state fairs in the late 1980’s, vendors offered two pizzas that were pretty innovative at the time. One was a pizza void of tomato sauce and covered instead in a white sauce, cheese and spinach. The other was a pizza crust topped with only cheese and big hunks of broccoli.

The first pizza caught on pretty well, and spinach on pizza isn’t considered very unusual. White pizza - with or without the spinach – is hugely popular. The broccoli pizza, however, never really found it’s place and I think you’d be hard pressed to find a pizza that resembles that fair ground fare from the 80’s.

The reason is probably two fold: One is that pizza was totally void of sauce. Therefore, it can’t even technically be considered pizza. Secondly, the ingredients of a pizza are supposed to blend together to provide a perfect pizza experience. When you bit into the broccoli pizza it was sort of like "Oh, this is very dry pizza..hey, wait a minute! I’m gnawing on raw broccoli…..!!" Really, that’s what it was like. People that want to eat crunchy raw broccoli order salad, not pizza. That broccoli pizza never had a chance.

There is never going to be a time when everyone agrees on what makes a perfect pizza, and that’s okay. At the heart of every passionate pizza lover is one common thought:
"Pizza is the best food in the world!"

Pretty simple, isn’t it? Crust. Sauce. Cheese. Toppings. The rest is open to private interpretation. Instead of arguing about it, wouldn’t that time be better spent just enjoying a slice?

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