Pizza - The Square Meal That Is Round

Fans of the pizza will undoubtedly have a favourite topping combination and will regularly choose the same pizza based on their preference. When you find the perfect pizza, it is hard to risk everything on a new topping as you may regret your decision if the choice you make is wrong.

Pizzas are like women - you have a type. You will prefer a thin crust or a deep pan, but then your head might be turned by the arrival of the exotic stuffed crust. It's hard to keep your eyes of this marvelous invention, but your taste will generally take you back to your original choice. Once the base is selected, the toppings come into the equation and will cause arguments across the world forever.

I will ignore the two most obvious pizza toppings, although some people do choose to remove either the cheese or the tomato sauce. These two ingredients can vary greatly depending on both preference and where you are buying the pizza. Tomato sauce is generally heavily seasoned and can contain garlic, chili or many other variants to adapt the style of pizza.

Cheese varies according to the pizza-type but is usually mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan or provolone. The cheese and tomato is the base of most pizzas, although this simple combination is a popular choice among pizza lovers who have little imagination. It is called the margherita and is generally eaten by children scared of strange flavours and vegetarians.

For the best pizza, toppings must compliment each other and so most pizza parlours tend to sell the same flavour combinations. In almost every pizza outlet you will find the Hawaiian (ham and pineapple), Pepperoni (sliced spicy sausage), BBQ Chicken (chicken pieces and barbeque sauce) and the Meat Feast (lots of meat of all kinds).

A pizza needs a few ingredients added to the cheese and tomato base to elevate it above a pretty boring meal. Combining a tender, juicy selection of meat with some colourful, flavoursome vegetables can make a pizza delicious and appetising to look at.

The use of peppers on pizzas serves as both a flavour-enhancer and to attract the eyes as well as the stomach. The sweetness of the cooked peppers compliments the thick chunks of chicken or beef that so often find themselves sprinkled over the pizza base.

Fans of hot food will enjoy the opportunity of adding some heat to their pizza, with jalapeno peppers also a popular choice in most pizza parlours. Spicy meat, such as beef, can add an extra dimension to this already fantastic meal.

Pizzas are adaptable and diverse, offering the eater a great meal that can be made to suit their needs and wants. With so many ingredients used to create the final piece, the pizza is an amalgamation of ideas, flavours and styles. Enjoy the choice and stay away from the monotonous margherita the next time you grab a slice.

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