Pizza Days in Arnprior, Delicious

Arnprior is a peaceful community that is located in eastern Ontario in the eastern part of Renfrew County. It is known for its lumber industry, farming, aerospace technology, and hydropower generation. It has a rich history and is actually the namesake for the town of the same name in Scotland. It may only have a little over 7,000 residents in the town itself, but Arnprior is considered the gateway to tourism because of its close proximity to the National Capital Region. There are also hiking trails and other great activities because the town sits right where the Ottawa River and the Madawaska River meet. But what one cannot deny is the pizza. Arnprior has pizza engrained in its culture, making pizza eating a necessity for anyone who is passing through.

Pizza in Arnprior

Many places around the world enjoy pizza. Arnprior is the epitome of that. When you drive through the streets of this fair town, you will notice that there are pizza restaurants everywhere. You may also easily notice that there are a few more of these restaurants than what you would expect to see in a town of similar size. That is because the residents love pizza. Arnprior is one of those towns in which you can walk into an establishment that is not a pizza restaurant but still smell the aroma of pizza and hear the hearty laughter of those inside. That may make it seem as if hard work is not really an option for some, but it is.

Pizza day

Most everyone seems to have a pizza day. Families have their own day reserved for this fun food, schools arrange a day every so often to reward students with a day to celebrate with pizza. Arnprior is definitely not an exception. There are so many ordering options that it is only fair that the residents have literally tried every pizza establishment that the city has to offer. That is quite a few pizza places, considering that this is a pizza town. You would think that they were Italian, but they are people who simply enjoy walking into their favorite pizza place to dine in or take it home to their family while they spend time together. That seems to be one thing that can only be done by pizza. Arnprior families are able to come together at the dinner table or in their living rooms to enjoy each other's company around a large pizza pie. It is as if this food is magic in ensuring that families get to eat dinner together at least once per week.

The pizza industry

Because of this love of pizza, Arnprior has this incredible pizza industry. That might explain why so many establishments are able to thrive in this very small town. But the options don't only include where individuals are able to order their pizza from. It also involves what types of pizzas they can order. There are such options as buffalo chicken and Hawaiian pizza for those who like to be different. Some enjoy having such toppings as anchovies placed upon their pizza. There is a little something to suit every taste, which makes this a booming industry in itself.

So when adding to the list of industries that Arnprior is known for, their pizza industry should not be left out by any means. This community has taken a food that everyone loves and made it into something so much more. It is a social gathering, it is family time, it is a fun trip for a father and son to the pizza shop to pick it up, and it is lunch for hard workers. Basically, it is everything happiness is made of.

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