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Have you ever thought in depth about pizza? Or do you just see it as a delicious round piece of baked dish with variety of toppings? Well, there's more than that. It represents a rich and intense European culture. It's one of the most ancient dish and still very popular today. It's in variety and so are the ingredients used. However, the most common ingredients are; salt and sugar that is commonly used in preparing the crust, yeast, onions and tomatoes mostly used for toppings.

Other ingredients will include; cheese and in this case mozzarella cheese is commonly preferred, herbs, variety of vegetables, meat e.g fish, chicken, prawn and so on which is also used as toppings. Today, pizza is definitely the most preferred dish worldwide and thus it's a business worth investing. This has led to many outlets such as restaurants and fast food selling this dish. Moreover, increasing competition in this business and thus need for promotion.

Generally promotions may take many forms such as; pamphlets, distributing coupons, advertising through media e.t.c. Pizza buffet is one of the most successful and efficient method of promotion. It's widely used to target the market consisting lower or the lower middle-class of people.

Despite being a famous way of promotion, it also helps customers attain satisfaction and generally it's a fruitful method. Basically what happens in pizza buffet, different types of pizza are arranged in a systematic manner and when an individual pays for a certain type, he/ she get some slices of other different types. It attracts customers since it helps them get a taste of the different types of this dish and they also get to save money.

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