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Due to its spiciness and delicious taste, it's definitely in every hotel, restaurant and fast foods menu. It's very popular in many countries. One thing i like about this dish is that when you're hungry, all you need is to make a call and when your door bell rings, the pizza boy is always there standing just to deliver this delicious dish.

Though it's a bit easy to make a call and it's delivered at your door step, there are definitely remarkable benefits of making your own at home. Firstly, homemade pizza is not a junk food since you get to make it more healthy and balanced. You can also make some changes to the recipe to suit your taste and the whole process is fun. Today, varieties such as dough, sauce and toppings are in all hotels and we can have pizza anytime.

Different recipes are available online and also all the information you may need regarding shops and where to order online. Of course like all other products, during festive seasons there are attractive offers that make it even more fun. However, when making one at home we should always take precautions to avoid the pizza base from getting soggy which is normally caused by lack of using enough cornmeal, using large amounts of source and not baking for long so as to remove dampness.

Normally the various types of pizzas will include; thin crust, dough with whole meat, dough of New York style, Sicilian dough and cornmeal dove. Various types of sauce are also used such as; cooked and uncooked sauce, sauce made of garlic oil and also California oil. Sunny side up and toppings made of caramelized onion and Chicago style are mostly used.

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