Making Pepperoni Pizza

Pizza is one of the most famous and widely used dishes in all the parts of world. Pizza is considered a very famous dish through out the world. In United States of America the pizzas are popularly known as "pizza pie". Pizzas are available in various shapes and sizes and in a variety.

Ingredients used in the pizza
Some of the commonly used ingredients used in pizza are as follows:-
Yeast, the yeast is used in the pizza for the preparation of the dough.
Salt and sugar is for the preparation of the dough.
Pepper, basil, herbs are used for toppings.
Various types of vegetables are also used as toppings of the pizza.
Sauce of tomato or garlic paste is also used as toppings in most of the pizzas prepared.
Cheese, which adds taste is oftenly used as a topping in the pizzas.

Some of the types of pizzas are listed below
It is very tedious to list the types of pizzas as the list will run several pages due to the large variety of pizzas available. Sausage pizza, New York-style pizza, Chicago-style pizza/Chicago-style deep dish pizza, pepperoni pizza are some of the famous types of pizzas.

Pepperoni pizza
Pepperoni is an Italian-American made up of various types of dry salami which is generally prepared with the help of pork, goat, turkey, beef and also fish. Pepperoni is generally spicy by nature. From southern Italy it is a decedent of the spicy type of salamis. Pepperoni is generally used in the pizza as a topping. Hence the pizza is given the name as the pepperoni pizza. Pepperoni is frequently to serve as a topping for the American-style pizzerias and it may also be used for preparing sandwiches.

Pepperoni pizza is one of the most popular types of pizza in America. The consumption of the pepperoni pizza is quite high as compared with the other types of pizzas.

Peperoni has its corruption as Pepperoni. Peperone is the Italia plural. Is refers to bell pepper in the Italian language. In order to indicate a kind of spicy sausage pepperoni was evolved in Italian-American cuisine.

Ingredients used for making the pepperoni pizza:
It is very difficult to give a exact list of the ingredients used for the preparation of the pepperoni pizzas as the ingredients used of preparing differ from person to person. However the commonly used ingredients are listed below:
Pepperoni, generally spicy is preferred.
Pizza sauce or the spaghetti sauce is also used to make the pizza more delicious. The crust of the pizza is generally spread with the sauce layer.
Mozzarella Cheese which is generally KRAFT Shredded is used very oftenly. A layer of cheese is generally spread.
Olive may also be added on the surface of the pizza.
Frequently tomato sauce or gravy is used in order to make the pizza tastier.
Mince garlic may also be used to spread on the top of the crust.
Salt, pepper, oregano may be also be added for adding the taste to the pizza.

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