How To Make A Home Style Egg, Spinach And Cheese Pizza

If you want an easy snack and can’t be bothered cooking something difficult, why not try this Home Style Egg, Spinach and Cheese Pizza.

It’s easy to make and healthy at the same time. I made this pizza the other day and absolutely love it.

Before we get started, you need to get a hold of Pita bread. You can purchase it from any Middle Eastern grocery store. Just ask for it…


•1 Pita bread
•1 Egg
•Handful Shredded cheese
•Pinch Salt and pepper
•Handful Spinach

Crack an egg and spread evenly over pita bread.

Spread cheese evenly over the egg.

Dice spinach..

Place under grill or pizza oven until fluffy.

Easy wasn’t it!

* Lebanese people mainly eat this for breakfast. You can make this at anytime of the day, as it’s easy to make without the fuss and fanfare.

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