Homemade Pizza Dough Recipe

Always remember one thing that homemade any type of food is hundred times better than the hotel food. The reason behind this is that this food is more fresh, nutritious & always healthy for the body. If you have a habit of eating spicy, delicious & tasty food of hotel, then the homemade food is the right choice.

We can get the various types of pizza recipes from the internet, which consists of the various types of pizzas, & we can add our ideas by preparing these pizzas at home. Therefore, there is no need to spend your time for ordering & buying pizzas from the shops, hotels. Always prefer homemade pizzas, which have a nice smell, delicious taste & it gets more fun to eat.

Normally there various types of pizzas available for making at home. We can make the pizza within 2 hours & 20 minutes normally. The main ingredients of the pizza dough are plain white flour of 180g, one-tablespoon salt, one-tablespoon yeast that is dried, half-tablespoon caster sugar, one-tablespoon olive oil that is very important for baking pizza dough. There should be 120ml of warm water, also polenta for dusting.

After taking the recipe material, the cooking apparatus is also important for making the pizza dough. It consists of two bowls, one spoon, cling film, one rolling pin, and one jug for measurement, one sieve & one rounded tray for baking the pizza dough.

After taking all the cooking material for pizza, the next process is to how to make pizza. There are certain steps for making the pizza dough. Firstly, you have to put a sieve on a bowl & then mix some flour. After that process, you have to smoothly shake that mixture.
Now in the bowl of medium of size, you have to add the salt, yeast & caster sugar into it. You have to create a hole in the centre & then mix olive oil & warm water & mix the whole mixture very well. Now again you have to merge the whole mixture by hand for making an uneven paste.

In the next step, you have to shift the dough into a fat bowl, which should be neat & clean. You have to cover this bowl by using some stick film & then leave that bowl to rise for almost for two hours until size of the dough has been largely double in size.

In the final stage, you have to uncover the bowl & then you have to shake over flour on dough. Now after taking away the bowl put it on the smooth plane. Now shake over some flour on the baked dough & roll that dough roundly. Again, you have to dust with flour & then turn it for rolling the other side.

Now finally you have to add some flour on the base of the baking tray, which should have a round tray. Then move forward the dough over tray & press on it from outer side for rolling. So now delicious baked pizza is ready for eating.

Homemade pizza dough

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