History Of Pizza Coupons

They are inside the pages of your newspaper. They lurk in your mailbox. They creep along your street, bandied by innocent-faced salespeople wanting only to support their local sports team or charity. They speak of lower prices, premium services, and two-for-one’s of a hundred stripes. Coupons. For this article, though, not just any couponsâ€"pizza coupons.

In 1887, Asa Griggs Candler helped incorporate the Coca-Cola Company, beginning a revolutionary new advertising technique. He ordered that complimentary coke coupons be mailed to potential customers, placed in magazines and newspapers, and distributed by employees. He gave away free syrup to soda fountains to cover the cost of free drinks and within two decades, an estimated one in nine Americans had received a free Coke. Today, besides its own popularity, Coca-Colaâ€"or Pepsi or root beerâ€"seems the frequent beverage of choice to accompany a truly great pizza. Upwards of 700 corporationsâ€"including pizza companiesâ€"now use coupons as a marketing technique, generating over $8 billion in transactions within the United States each year. Economic stimulus package? Try economic stimulus pizza.

Pizza companies have jumped on just as quickly Coke to capitalize on the consumer coupon. Often, these companies offer promotional codes or indices of local deals online to help market their pizza. A simple Internet search yields plenty of free pizza coupons. When Friday night rolls around and it’s time to hang with the boys, pizza coupons definitely come in handy. As well, pizza cravings in the middle of the week are more easily satisfied by Internet coupons. The Sunday paper still tends to carry most of the print coupons that are still available, but Sunday’s paper is Monday’s recycling. That does you no good when you want a pizza on Tuesday night.

Pizza purists may argue that pizza is quintessentially Italian and that overmarketing is diluting its cultural weight. Pizza purists may also eat their words, as far as you and I goâ€"at least, when it comes to pizza and a movie. Pizza is accessible and delicious. Free pizza coupons make it even more so. A young man used to punctuate every one of his beach trips with a stop by a local pizza parlor, coupon in hand and friends in tow. You can guarantee that he wasn’t concerned about pizza purism. Pizza he wanted and pizza he gotâ€"and if he could get it for cheap, that was the pizza he needed.

You’re in his boat. Nearly everybody is. Outside of corporate lunches, pizza fills just about every need. Children’s class activities, all-age birthday parties, and students’ late-night cram sessions all owe a tremendous debt to pizza. Using a pizza coupon, though, keeps you from owing any debt, tremendous or notâ€"and it keeps you getting your pizza.

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