History Of Pizza And New York City

In a note to the Italian general cooking group, Fanon describes pizza's originations from Older Egypt to Imperial Rome, where there were a number of different kinds of flat cooked breads with a mixed bag of sweet or salty toppings.

Eventually the idea of paper thin bread made its way to Italy where, in the eighteenth century, the thin breads named "Pizzas" were baked on the street corners and in the food markets. These breads were not topped with anything but were savored au natural. Since they were always low-cost to make, were yummy and filling, they were sold to the people all over Naples by street vendors. The acceptance of the tomato also has added to the Pizza as we know and love it today.

Even though it was in the neighborhoods of Chicago when the innovational slices of pizza were introduced to public in America, the first pizzeria restaurant in the America was the Lombardi's, founded by great chef Gennaro Lombardi in 1895 in the city of New York. From that time, pizza has been broadly consumed in the mainly Sicilian areas all over The United States of America such as New York City, and New York City gave its share, the New York-style pizza to the development of pizza.

The thing that also makes New York Pizza different from other types of pizza is its lovely outer crust that tapers down to a crispy thin crust
The usual New York style pizza usually is made with a thin base or crust. Normally it is hand tossed and includes cheese and a conservative quantity of sauce. On some level it is a variation on the more historic Neapolitan style pizza. Pizza parlors in New York use either wood or oil-fired ovens, deck or even electric ovens. But the pizza is said to be best done the Sicilian tradition, which is in a clean-burning brick oven

Most pizzerias use the standard pizza in which a pizza is packaged for take-out or pizza delivery. Pizza boxes are ordinarily printed with the sign of the pizza places from which they come. However, some smaller pizza shops will use packages with a general-purpose image. Pizza containers are not taken by most city recycling programs because food is often stuck to the box itself. Boxes are thus commonly thrown out with usual garbage;

Chelsea Variety Pizza 235 9th Ave, 10001, 212- 929-0768

Rosario Pizza Inc 173 Orchard St, 10002, 212- 777-9813

Papa Leone Pizzeria 889 Broadway, 10003, 212- 473-9628

Milan Pizza Restaurant 44 Water St, 10004, 212- 635-2424

Rome Pizza 688 Avenue of the Americas, 10010, 212- 929-0949

Royal Pizza 592 3rd Ave, 10016, 212- 685-3619

Pronto Pizza 6 E 42nd St # 1, 10017, 212- 867-4960

John's Pizzeria 1284 1st Ave, 10021, 212- 288-1616

Mama Pizza 208 Columbus Ave, 10023, 212- 721-2929

E & R Pizza Plus 402 E 120th St, 10035, 212- 831-2917

Pizza Hut 196 Broadway, 10038, 212- 240-1292

Sergio Cafe 441 Park Avenue South, 10016, 212- 696-5590

Village Pizzeria and Restaurant 35 First Avenue, 10003, 212-644-5500

Cafe Viva 2578 Broadway, 10025, 212-663-8482

Carmella's 30 water street, 10004, 212-809-0999

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