Add Pizzazz To Family Pizza Night

Having a tough time getting your family around the dinner table? Bring some excitement to dinner by turning your home into the best pizzeria in town. A new twist on dinnertime is sure to inspire a fun night your family will line up for.

Bring The Pizzeria Home

A red-and-white checkered tablecloth and a set of Parmesan and red pepper shakers can help transform your kitchen into a pizzeria. Add a few candles to create picture-perfect pizzeria ambience. Consider using a pizza stone and rolling cutter to serve up perfect pizza slices.

Authentic Menu

Thanks to recent pizza innovations, the deliciously satisfying taste of pizzeria-style pizza can now be prepared at home. Pick up a DiGiorno Ultimate pizza from the grocery store freezer case and bake up pizzeria-quality pizza in your oven. The new pizza captures the flavor of neighborhood pizzerias, with Italian-inspired ingredients including crushed vine-ripened tomatoes, whole milk mozzarella cheese, specialty meats and julienne-cut vegetables.

Make It Special

Small details can help turn pizza night into a special event. Create menus and place them on each plate to showcase the varieties of pizza that will be served. Offer the children an assortment of drinks so everyone can enjoy his or her favorite beverage with the meal.

Mix It Up

Add some variety to the menu with a few tasty side dishes. Create a quick Italian-style salad by tossing together some onion, tomato, mozzarella, olives and Italian dressing. Or steam fresh vegetables and drizzle them with olive oil and black pepper. Don't forget the garlic bread! Simply add some butter and garlic salt to fresh baguette slices and bake.

Strike A Chord

Use music to liven the atmosphere. While the pizza is baking, pop in a CD of songs that you would normally hear at your local pizza joint, such as classic Italian music or American swing band.

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