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Papa Johns Pizza Sucks
by Brotherb. Under normal circumstances I consider eating a large pizza all by myself an accomplishment. There's that point, usually when you have 3 slices to go, that it starts mocking you. "What's a matter fatty? Eyes bigger than your stomach?" This...
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Miami Pizza Restaurants
by Samantha Ferguson. Miami's Best Pizza, located in South Miami, has been serving locals since 1970. This Miami pizza restaurant is close to the University Miami and is a favorite among college students. Miami's Best Pizza continues to wow their customers with their high...
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Restaurants - Pizza Parlors
by Michael Russell. If you live in the United States, you can't drive for more than two blocks in any major city or town without seeing a pizza parlor. You would think that they were giving away gold at these places the way they're packed throughout the day. So what...
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Different types and styles of pizzas
by Poonam Kashyap. " The pizza industry is worth more than 30 billion dollars in the United States alone and Americans consume around three billion units of pizza every year." New York pizza is traditionally plain. Supposedly, New York pizza is unique because of the...
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Ideas For Trendy & Healthier Pizza Alternatives
by William Lockhart. The infamous pizza pie continues to be one of the most beloved foods in the world, especially in the United States. As the baby boomer generation continues to dictate a wide variety of trends inside and outside of the food and beverage sectors, new...
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How to Make Pizza Healthy for You
by Ryan Cote. This article may come as a surprise to you...Pizza. It's the weakness of many, many people including me.I love pizza- always have. I eat it in moderation, but it'sstill one of my favorite foods.There's now good news for pizza lovers
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Low-Carb Pastry Pizzazz
by Jan Nicholas. This delicious treat adds only 1.9 grams of carb for a SuperbRoll of any size. Just add a glaze to the rolls once they arebaked. While the rolls are baking, make ½ or ¼ of the belowmentioned glaze. Apply the glaze thinly with a pastry brush tothe...
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Miami Pizza Restaurant
by Samantha Ferguson. Miami's Best Pizza, located in South Miami, has been serving locals since 1970. This Miami pizza restaurant is close to the University Miami and is a favorite among college students. Miami's Best Pizza continues to wow their customers with their high...
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Delicious New York Style Pizza
by Manprit Kaur. New York has long been known for its exceptionally delicious pizza. The pizza produced by the pizzerias of Manhattan has come to be known as "New York Style Pizza". What is it that makes a pizza New York Style?The most defining feature of a New York...
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A New Twist on Pizza - Adding Fruit
by Christine Steendahl. Fruits can add a fun element to kid's meals. Finding fun food for kids can be as easy as taking them to the grocery store with you. Selecting fruits that are tasty and chock full of vitamins can be a fun adventure. Getting little ones to consume...
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Pretzel Fruit Pizza
by Donna Monday. Pretzels and fruit come together beautifully in this deliciously unique sweet treat.3 cups finely crushed pretzels2/3 cup sugar1-1/4 cups cold butter1 (14 oz.) can sweetened condensed milk1/4 cup lime juice1 tablespoon grate lime peel1-1/2 cups...
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Its All About The Crust - Why We Love Pizza
by William Lockhart. Pizza is one of the most popular foods in America today with 93% of Americans eating at least 1 pizza a month. What's the secret behind this Italian specialty and why are Americans so in love with it? According to the experts, a perfect pizza begins...
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The History Of The Humble Pizza
by Stevie Jones. The ingredients that are the basis of the pizza as a culinary dish have their roots firmly founded in the sunny climate of Southern Italy around the city of Naples. This was historically a Greek colony rather than Italian.Pizza is first mentioned in...
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Americans Love Pizza
by Stevie Jones. Pizza arrived in the USA, not surprisingly, with the Italian immigrants who came to the country in the late 19th Century. From that day pizza was sold throughout the Italian areas of the major cities from stands in the street. The original way pizza...
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Creating Your Own Pizza
by Audrey Okaneko. My kids have both always loved pizza. We discovered some great easy pizza recipes over the years. It can get very costly to keep ordering pizza from the local take out places. So, we began making our own pizzas and today, 20 years later, my kids...
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Applebees Pizza Recipes
by Deanna Applegate. Applebee's Veggie Patch PizzaIngredients:1 (10-inch) flour tortillaButter-flavor oil, as needed1/2 cup sliced mushroomsBlack pepper, to tasteGranulated garlic, to tasteSalt, to taste4 ounces Hot Spinach and Artichoke Dip1/2 teaspoon Italia
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Thyme Pizza
by Gr8 Food Guide. Thyme is a traditional culinary herb used by many Lebanese people and provides lots of Iron. Thyme, while flavorful, does not overpower and blends well with other herbs and spices. It can be used to create a delicious pizza using some very simple...
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How To Make A Home Style Egg, Spinach And Cheese Pizza
by Gr8 Food Guide. If you want an easy snack and can’t be bothered cooking something difficult, why not try this Home Style Egg, Spinach and Cheese Pizza.It’s easy to make and healthy at the same time. I made this pizza the other day and absolutely love it. Before...
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Pizza Base
by Gr8 Food Guide. If you don’t have a pizza base, you can’t have a pizza! Well that’s true isn’t it? You need a base to start off with if you want to make a Home Style Pizza.Here is an easy and hassle free way to making a pizza base without all the mess and...
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All About Pizza
by Sean Lannin. The term pizza covers a lot of territory. If you want to learn all about pizzas, then you should have a bit of a background on pizzas: specifically the history of pizza, pizza origin, pizza facts, and even pizza trivia such as who invented pizza. The...
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Rediscovering Grilled Pizza
by Scott Schirkofsky -. America’s favorite food has long been the pizza cooked in a traditional oven but is that about to change? While most Americans have probably never indulged in a grilled pizza, the origins of pizza are making a big comeback. There is no denying that...
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A Brief History Of Pizza: The Dish That Conquered The World
by Annamaria. Pizza, the way we know it today, is a derivation from focaccia (from the Latin word for fire), flat bread that has been prepared since antiquity in different forms and garnished with herbs, olives, fat, raisin, honey, and nuts. The word pizza in...
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Thrill Friends And Family With A "make It Yourself" Pizza Party
by William Matt. If there is one thing kids love more than eating pizza, it's being able to make it themselves using all their favorite toppings. Creating a "make it yourself" pizza party is a great way to customize the meal while involving friends and family in a...
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What Your Pizza Toppings Reveal
by Wayne Ryan. Any way you slice it, pizza is a tasty family favorite. Now one expert says it reveals something about who you are.According to the Domino's Pizza "Toppings Tell All" study conducted by Dr. Alan Hirsch, director of the Smell & Taste Treatment and...
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Pizza Facts
by Stevie Jones. The biggest pizza ever made was baked in Norwood, South Africa in 1990. It was a massive 100 feet across. The word pizza was originally spelt as "pitsa"Americans eat billions of slices of pizza every year; in fact the annual per capita pizza...
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