Why Put Your Logo in Chocolate

In this day and age everyone wants their product or service to stand out amongst the competition. Logo-branding an edible promotional product is one of the many ways to accomplish this. Companies have their names personalized onto practically everything from pens and tee shirts to mugs. Clients and prospects will often collect many of the giveaways at a specific event and then dump them into a drawer, never to be seen again.

Why not try using delicious personalized chocolate for your next marketing campaign, or event. At your next trade show or corporate function, try handing out personalized Belgian Chocolate coins or foil wrapped chocolate squares with your logo and website printed on the wrapper. If you go cold calling door to door, our customized chocolate business card in a flip top box with your printed card attached, makes for a great conversation piece and gets you in the door when a conventional business card gets filed in the circular file under the receptionist’s desk.

A logo-branded piece of chocolate will leave a lasting effect, long after the candy has been eaten. By giving them a delicious piece of custom chocolate, they will read what’s on the wrapper and also notice if the piece is customized with your logo or company name. That is 2 times your name is seen by a prospect, instead of looking at a Hershey logo. Chocolate is the ultimate food item to give out to prospects and employees, so why waste an obvious opportunity to put your company name or logo in front of your clients and prospects.

I have been to many trade shows and corporate events and I always see many of the exhibitors with a bowl of candy they picked up at the local supermarket, out on there booth table. The purpose, I suppose is to give anyone who happens to wander over to you’re a booth a little something for their interest. The concept is a good one except you are missing an obvious opportunity to have your name or logo placed in the persons mind. My question is, why advertise someone else’s name when you could be handing out a piece of customized chocolate logo-branded for you?

At Choconet, we make it simple and easy to order any of our many customizable promotional chocolate products.

It always helps to have an unforgettable message, but oftentimes people settle for a conventional way to express that message. If you are looking for a source for Customized Chocolate and the unforgettable message, visit our extensive website www.choconet1.com

Ordering custom chocolate has never been easier!

Ordering Customized Chocolate plus well over 300 different categories can easily be ordered through our website. The process is sophisticated, but easy all at the same time:

1.Click on the category e.g. Corporate Chocolate
2.Select the category e.g. Trade Show
3.Select the type of chocolate e.g. Customized Chocolate Coins or Business Card
4.Then customize the chocolate in a simple step by step process:
a.Add a logo (just upload an image) or your own text or both
b.Choose a foil wrap and the color
c.Choose a gift box if you’d like
d.Choose to hot stamp the wrap and / or the gift box if applicable
e.Choose your quantity
f.Add it to your cart
g.Choose your preferred shipping method
h.Order using your Credit Card or Debit Card and you’re done!

Other customization options online include:
1.Text – font and style
2.Packaging – gift boxes, gift bag varieties
3.Candy colors
5.Custom Ribbons
6.Presentation Containers

Mike Adler, founder of Choconet … "We have the broad experience, a sophisticated and easy to use ordering process, a great product category, an ever-growing online presence and a great passion for what we do. We feel that this is a winning combination and look to the future with great optimism and enthusiasm."

Choconet has provided "all things chocolate" to corporate clients and to individuals for special social events and gift giving for over a decade. Corporate clients customize their chocolate for promotional and event planning including conventions, new product releases, new corporate identification programs, executive gift giving, or just to say thank you. Customized Chocolate is now as easy as going to the website or picking up the phone or faxing directly.

It all comes down to a tasty game of memory: the promotional tools help people associate your company with their latest greatest culinary experience.

If you have an idea or concept that is not shown on our comprehensive website, then please feel free to contact one of our knowledgeable chocolate consultants, who are anxiously waiting to help you make your next promotion a sweet success.

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