The Beauty of Chocolate Fountains

Chocolate fountains are ubiquitous these days and are sure to tickle anyone's fancy. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory definitely had no small part in the craze for chocolate fountains, with pure chocolate rivers of delight. Fantasies are wonderful, but they don't satisfy the taste buds. Real chocolate fountains do.

A chocolate fountain can be desired for many reasons, including spoiling your friends at a party, or just spoiling yourself at home. There are numerous tabletop varieties that are quite affordable. But, know that not all the fountains are designed to melt the chocolate. Some chocolate fountains actually melt the chocolate themselves, while others keep the chocolate warm that you pre-heated before putting it in the fountain.

When choosing a chocolate fountain, make certain that you carefully read the description for this information. Many online sites have really fun chocolate fountain models that will provide you with endless delight. Apart from electrical models, you can now also get battery powered fountains that you can use outdoors or take on a camping trip.

The Giles Posner model is designed with ease of use in mind and it's virtually impossible to make a big chocolate mess with it. You can get this model in pink or in black, and it looks rather attractive. It would be great for an outdoor party in particular where you may not have an electrical outlet available.

If you want to stay relatively small, try a Sephra model. The Sephra line has a small model for use at home, but they also have large ones that stand up to 40 inches tall. There's a 16-inch model available that should be a perfect fit for most people, and this version will melt the chocolate for you so that you don't have to melt it in the microwave first.

Does it get bigger? Yes! There's a chocolate fountain that will truly amaze you. The largest chocolate fountain in the world is located at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. It measures a whopping 27 feet in height, although only 14 feet of the fountain is actually visible. A total of around 2,000 pounds of chocolate circulates through that Bellagio fountain.

It consists of 25 glass "shells" into which the chocolate spills from pipes in the ceiling. There's even an element of art in that fountain, with the basins having been a distinct Chihuly design. As a matter of fact, the ceiling sculpture in the Bellagio's lobby was designed by noted glass artist Dale Chihuly. If you ever travel to Las Vegas, you absolutely must get a look at this fountain. Meanwhile, have fun at home with your own mini-fountain.

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