Is Chocolate an Energy Drink

There are as many studies showing

chocolate to be an energy drink as

there are studies showing that it

is not. If you are raised in a

culture that believes chocolate

will make you hyperactive, giving

you a lot of energy, then it will

probably do just that. However if

you have been raised to believe

that a cup of chocolate will relax

and calm you, then have a cup

before bed and find out, because

for you it will probably do what

you believe. Tolerance is built

to the energy effect over time,

for those who believe that

chocolate is a stimulant.

While there are studies on

caffeine showing it to stimulate

the central nervous and

cardiovascular systems, therefore

causing nervousness,

sleeplessness, anxiety, confusion

and heart attacks. There are also

studies that show caffeine to

lessen fatigue, stimulate gastric

secretions, promote urination and

enhance intellectual facilities.

It is not suggested that ulcer

patients eat chocolate because of

its ability to stimulate gastric

secretions; chocolate has even

been associated with acid reflux

disease as it relaxes the

esophagus. Theobromine is

suggested to act the same way

caffeine does, even though there

are not studies showing it to be

addictive, caffeine is definitely

addictive (the withdrawal effects

of caffeine are severe headache.)

However, it is unlikely that a

normal person would consume the

amount of chocolate necessary to

cause these side affects.

The comparison of caffeine in the

same quantity of coffee, tea and

cocoa follow:

· Coffee contains 50 to 70

milligrams caffeine

· Brewed tea has 25 to 100

milligrams of caffeine

· Hot chocolate between 0 and 25

milligrams of caffeine

Due to the diversity of results in

testing chocolate, which may be

from the fact that it never really

mentions the quality of the cocoa

used, we would be best if we

simply keep in mind the many

things proven about chocolate when

we consume it, and take into

consideration its effects on us


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