Gourmet Chocolates-Well Worth The Money

A connoisseur of wine does not hesitate to spend thousands of dollars for a vintage bottle. A connoisseur of fashion does not hesitate to spend tens of thousands of dollar for a watch. So why would a chocolate lover not indulge in the most beautiful and exquisite taste of chocolate that money can buy? Welcome to the world of gourmet chocolate; the world of the rich and the famous and the true lovers of chocolate. Isn't chocolate supposed to represent passion? Does it not rekindle love and emotions in people? Then why not celebrate it with grandeur? Why not add an "obscenely" expensive price tag to it along with the quality and taste that the price tag can warrant?

We all know about Godiva and its exquisite chocolate collection. Today, better part of the world knows about Belgian chocolates or has savored the lingering taste of it on their mouths and they also know that a box of Belgian chocolates makes a wonderful gift. Available online are a number of gourmet chocolate outlets that you can explore. So which online stores are famous for what in gourmet chocolate? Let's take a quick look:

MarieBelles New York: Excellent blend of chocolates that have great ingredients. Exquisitely packed like precious jewels in Italian boxes, these chocolates are hand painted and have an ever lasting class and style about those. They also offer a wide range of flavor to choose from. If you can already feel your mouth watering, then do pay them a visit; warning though you may find them irresistible.

Lake Champlain Chocolates: Based out of Vermont, these chocolates are a great union of authentic chocolate making along with modern ingredients giving it a touch of heritage and making it contemporary at the same time. New York Times calls it some of the best chocolate in the country."

La Maison Du Chocolate: The house of chocolate in French is a haute couture collection of French chocolate with hazelnuts and glazed chestnuts. Try these to taste European chocolate making at its finest.

"One bite of these handcrafted morsels will change the way you think about chocolate forever" says Recchiuti Confectioneries. Twists and turns are added to the age-old chocolate recipe by introducing bites of grapefruit and caramel. These chocolates also feature hand painting of San Francisco life by Paul Madonna. Yes, you are not just taking home a box full of chocolates but also work of art.

"Two generations later, we consider it our daily mission to seek out both an inexhaustible supply of the finest cocoa the world has to offer and, along with it, an equally endless amount of the happiness and pleasure that chocolate has to offer" says Michel Richart, the founder of the wonderful French chocolate boutique Richart Paris in 1923. Check this out for some jaw dropping options.

Gourmet chocolate is not for all. It does make a hole in your wallet and are not available in the supermarket round the corner. But these are ideal for gifts within the family or as a corporate gift. It does seem incomprehensible from the day when chocolate was first discovered and drunk as a mere bitter drink!

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