Chocolate Party - Its the Sweetest Thing

Are you looking for a unique party theme to cater to your chocolate-loving friends? As just about anybody will attest to, chocolate is a universal favorite. From the main food to the desserts and the drinks, chocolate can deliver the best items to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.

The Invites for your Chocolate Party

As a chocolate party is usually not formal, there is no need to order your invitations from the printers. Purchase a few sheets of special paper, preferably brown and white, and do the printing using your trusty inkjet printer at home.

Before sending the cards out, spray lightly with chocolate-inspired perfume. This gives your guests an inkling about how appetizing your party is likely to be.

Doing up the Chocolate Party Venue

Use chocolate-scented home spray or light a few scented candles to fill the air with the theme. Creatively hang brown cloth on walls. To avoid making the venue appear dark, add a touch of bright pink to the room by putting vases of pink flowers on tables and other strategic areas.

Music must be light and relaxing. Play them softly as a background. The idea of a dessert party is to keep things casual and easy.

The Chocolate Party Mmm…enu

A dessert party is usually done in the afternoon and not during lunch or dinner. This allows the host to serve mainly snack foods and no heavy main courses. It is also recommended that you prepare the food in small portion sizes so guests can have a bit of everything.

Try chocolate pizzas topped with almonds, hazelnuts, cherries, peanut butter chips and marshmallows. Use pizza dough, not cookie dough, so the focus is more on the toppings and not on the sweet dough. It also avoids sugar overload.

Chocolate cupcakes on tiered stands would make an adorable centerpiece. You may prepare different chocolate-based cupcakes for variety. Some popular options are chocolate chip, black forest, chocolate mint, orange chocolate and basic chocolate with different toppings. Use milk, dark or white chocolate alternately.

For drinks, chocolate martinis for adults and hot cocoa or choco-milkshakes, depending on what season it is, for teens would be great. You can also serve coffee mixes, such as moccaccino and café mocha.

Remember to have plenty of drinking water and a few non-chocolate items available to break the sweetness and have the guests fired up for another round of chocolate goodness.

The Party Favors

You can buy or make chocolate bars for your guests to bring as party favors so that even if they have already left the party and are in their homes, they will still be able to continue enjoying great chocolate.

You may even send them the chocolate cupcakes as they make good party favors, too. Make sure you bake enough for everybody. Put one inside a box, tie with a pink ribbon and send them away. Pretty cupcake boxes are sold in most dessert specialty stores.

If you want non-perishable items, you can always go for chocolate-scented soaps and candles.

A well-planned chocolate party can never go wrong as this sweet cacao product has made it all the way to the hearts of millions of people worldwide.

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