Chocolate - Good Or Evil

Chocolate is found in every store shelf around the world. It is most famous for candy bars and baking. There is something about chocolate that leaves you feeling satisfied and happy. That could be due to the ingredients that are found in chocolate; Theobromine and Phenethylamine. Theobromine affects the body in so many different ways; it can cause chocolate to becoming habit forming, can reduce a person’s sex drive, increase heart rate, dilates blood vessels, reduces blood pressure, and help loosen the muscles in the bronchus which may help during an asthma attack. This can cause several different affects on the body when it works alone. But then you have phenethylamine, which has an aromatic scent. Phenethylamine was known to cause a link in falling in love. That may be why we like it so much and always want more.

The word chocolate originally comes from Mexico. The most popular place to find cocoa is in Western Africa. There are three different varieties of cacao beans used for making chocolate. They are Criollo, Trinitario, Forastero. Criollo is the most expensive because it is hard to grow due to their inability to fight off environmental issues. Forastero grows wild and are used more often due to the over-abundance when found. The Forastero beans give you the more classical taste of chocolate. Trinitario comes in a wide variety of taste and can be found fairly easy. When we consume chocolate, while it is still in the mouth, our bodies produce serotonin. The serotonin that is produced can cause someone to feel happy and satisfied.

Health Issues Associated to Chocolate
There are several different issues that are associated with chocolate intake. The first one being that it can cause an increase in weight. That is due to the added ingredients that can be found in candy bars such as sugar. The intake of chocolate can decrease your motivation as well. There may be an increased possibility of developing cancer if someone consumes enough sweets, including chocolate. There may be some tests that reveal the consumption of dark chocolate could be a way to decrease the possibility of certain heart disease. But there is also the increase risk of consuming too many calories to decrease your chances. There is always the issue of Caffeine and how it affects the body. The Caffeine makes the heart rate speed up and can cause several different affects on the body.

Chocolate is the way to express how you feel. It can be a ‘pick me up’ or a smooth relaxing let down. It can release angry thoughts and replace them with happy feelings. Try it with your next chocolate bar and see how it acts on you.

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