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Cocoa Trees
by Dorrie Ruplinger. Cocoa trees can grow as tall as fifty feet although they are usually kept pruned and kept much shorter to make it easier to harvest the cocoa bean pods. The trees reach their maximum productivity when they are thirty to forty years old. A cocoa...
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Cocoa Commodity Prices
by Cristian Stan. With the recent slump in the U.S. economy, cocoa manufacturers have experienced a downfall in their commodity pricing. The U.S. is one of the biggest consumers of cocoa, as it is the main ingredient of chocolate and chocolate drinks. The slowdown in...
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Cocoa Butter
by Carmen Sandago. Over half of the cured, dried podsweight is mad up of fat, thistotal fluctuates with thedifferent varieties and thegrowing conditions. This fat iscalled cacao butter or cocoabutter, what is left are thesolids that a
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Cocoa Smoothie Recipe
by Bic. Cocoa Smoothie Serving Comment: 1 serving Recipe Servings: 1.0 Single Serving: 119.40g⁄4.21oz Recipe Ingredient Listing: Food Name: TOFU, SILKEN, FIRM - ingredient 1 of 3 Brand: Mori-Nu Description: Serving: 1 slice Actual
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Cocoa Beans - Super Food
by Cristian Stan. Super foods are defined as food items that can ward off diseases like cancer, heart ailments, cholesterol, and a whole list of others. These foods have high phytonutrient content that can only be good for your health. Any food containing significant...
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The Mysterious Truffle
by Jane Roseen. Truffles are well-known as some of the most delectable chocolate treats available. But they are such a delicacy that they were shrouded in mystery for many years. These tempting treats are exquisite in variety of both taste and settings in which to...
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Recipe - Delicious Brandy Truffles
by Dc Zaaiman. If you are a lover of chocolates, and also maybe brandy, this is the recipe for you!If you are prepared to get your hands a bit "dirty", you will be well rewarded for your effort.The first time my son-in-law tasted the truffles, he could not stop (I...
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Truffles - A Rare Delicacy
by Lucy Bartlett -. Lorrain Bodger, twentieth century American writer called truffles as the royalty of homemade candy.Truffles are a delicate and rare type of edible mushroom, which are mostly grown in Croatia, France, Italy and Slovenia. They are also collected in...
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Urbani : The Best Truffles In The World
by Giulio Detti -. Urbani family has been a prestigious – and respected - name in the truffle business for generations.From its inception, in 1850, under the guidance of Carlo Urbani, the Urbani reputation for excellence has been carefully and faithfully handed down...
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Italian Truffles Fair In Alba - Piedmont
by Ddeurope. The Tourism Council of Alba, Bra, Langhe and Roero, together with the APT has presented a package of initiatives for tourist, national and international, to make this fair an unusual and very interesting one. Tourists can choose among a wide variety...
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How To Make Gourmet Almond Toffee
by Steven Schultz. It looks simple but. . .A toffee recipe, at first glance, looks deceptively simple. What could be easier...combine butter, sugar, and little water, cook it to a set temperature or certain color...poured out to cool, cover with chocolate and behold...
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How To Make Toffee
by Steven Schultz. It looks simple but. . .A toffee recipe, at first glance, looks deceptively simple. What could be easier...combine butter, sugar, and little water, cook it to a set temperature or certain color...poured out to cool, cover with chocolate and behold...
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English Toffee Apples
by Derek Smiley. What makes an English toffee apple so special? For a nation which is often berated for its lack of culinary apreciation, there is nothing really like English toffee apples and the wonderful ambiance of an English fair. Childhood memories very often...
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Make World-Class Gourmet Toffee - 12 Secrets - Including Recipe
by Steven Schultz. It looks simple but. . .A toffee recipe, at first glance, looks deceptively simple. What could be easier...combine butter, sugar, and little water, cook it to a set temperature or certain color...poured out to cool, cover with chocolate and behold...
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A Chocoholics Taste Of Heaven
by James Brown. Almost everyone knows a chocoholic. A chocoholic is a person who absolutely loves chocolate. Sure, you could treat them a simple Hershey's bar but would it be even more delightful if you'd give them the best stuff - the gourmet stuff? It would just...
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The Best Gift for a Chocoholic
by Stephanie Foster. Most people have a chocoholic in their life. It's the person who loves chocolate. But not just any chocolate. They go for the gourmet stuff. A Hershey bar just isn't nearly good enough.Honestly, this makes them really easy and fun to shop for. Find...
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Gourmet Gift Ideas For Chocoholics
by Alison Linderson. We all have a "friend" who is a chocoholic, but the truth is this friend is probably us! It's no wonder we all are obsessed with yummy chocolate, it can be so satisfying at just about any time. Even Willy Wonka could not deny his love for a tasty...
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Way To Go Choco
by Philip Nicosia. Whoever says chocolates aren’t good for the health is sourgraping. Chocolates taste heavenly for those with a sweet tooth. Rightly so because chocolates come from the cacao tree Theobroma, a Greek word which literally means "food of the gods."...
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by Mar. Fondue refers to several French Swiss communal dishes shared at the table in an earthenware pot ("caquelon") over a small burner ("réchaud"). The term "fondue" comes from the French "fondre" ("to melt"), referring to the fact that the contents of...
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How To Throw A Fondue Party
by Anthony Tripodi. How many times have you thrown a dinner party and didn't even get to talk to your guests because you were too busy with the dinner part of the party? Even serving appetizers can become a burden to coordinate different cooking times and to keep an eye...
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Instant Fondue - Just Heat And Serve
by Anthony Tripodi. Are you a terrible cook? Would you rather grate your fingernails across a chalk board instead of grating cheese? Does your idea of cooking consist of opening up a package and heating it? Well then instant fondue is the product for you.Instant fondue ...
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Fondue For Fun!
by Tamra. Have you ever tried fondue? If you haven't you are really missing a treat! I was introduced to it many years ago. I had it at an Aunt's house and absolutely loved it. She prepared a hot pot of oil, we had long forks, placed a chunk of meat at the end...
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Mocha Fondue Recipe
by William Smith. Want a chocolate fondue recipe for a little real fun with food? Here's one that's a special creation to make for friends and another for those times you just don't want to try so hard.Makes 6 to 8 servings Ingredients:1 4-ounce package sweet baking...
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Fondue With Friends: Tips For Throwing A Fondue Party
by Jen Wasilewski. Are you looking for different twist for your ho-hum get together with your usual finger food menu? Want to get everyone together for casual dining but don’t want to be tied down to the table? A fondue party may be the perfect party for you. Fondue...
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Have Fun With Fondue
by Caroline Begin. A night with family and friends is always a nice addition to our busy lives. When did you last enjoy great conversion over a delicious meal without having to spend a fortune or slaving for hours in the kitchen? If you can’t remember, then perhaps...
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