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How to Temper Chocolate
by Carmen Sandago. The most important considerationwhile tempering chocolate is tohave control of the temperature ofthe melting chocolate. This isbest accomplished with the use ofa double boiler, a simple doubleboiler can be made by placing a
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How to Choose and Store Chocolate
by Carmen Sandago. In todays market there a severalexcellent brands of chocolate,both foreign and domestic. Eachmanufacturer creates its ownunique texture and flavor by usinga special formula they havedeveloped with varying processing
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Health Benefits of Eating Chocolate
by Carmen Sandago. The melting point of chocolate isslightly below the bodytemperature of the human being,meaning it melts in your mouth;this is part of the pleasure ofeating chocolate. The release ofserotonin in the brain has alsobee
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Growing Cacao to Create Chocolate
by Carmen Sandago. In the earliest years of cacaoharvesting, the peoples grew thetrees in small stands near water,and left the trees mostly grownaturally. Cacao trees prefergrowing in the shade of othertrees, not to be protected fromt
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Emulsifiers in Chocolate
by Carmen Sandago. Emulsifiers are used in chocolateto eliminate the friction causedbetween the particles of cacao,sugar, milk and other ingredients,allowing the chocolate to flowmore easily and provide a morepleasant feel in the mouth. PGPR
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White Chocolate
by Carmen Sandago. Unlike Dark and Milk Chocolate,White Chocolate does not havecaffeine. White chocolatecontains (in order of quantities)sugar, cocoa butter, milk or milkpowder and vanilla. In additionit also includes milk solids,su
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Chocolate, the Energy Food
by Carmen Sandago. Chocolate lovers every where havebeen viewing the studies showingdark chocolate as having certainhealth benefits with excitement.These studies have also pushedsome dietitians to believe thatchocolate contributes to a healthy
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Chocolate Production in Venezuela
by Carmen Sandago. The cocoa production in Venezuela(along the Caribbean Coast andLake Maracaibo) has gone through arecent revival; a few years agoplantations had been abandoned dueto a series of droughts and poorharvests. Yet the decline of the
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Chocolate Production
by Carmen Sandago. Criollo, Forastero and Trinitarioare the three main varieties ofcacao beans used for chocolate intodays food market. Criollo whichis native to Central America, theCaribbean islands and the northerntier of South American is the
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Chocolate by Any Other Name
by Carmen Sandago. While chocolate is one of the mostpopular flavors in the world,there are many other things thatare referred to by the namechocolate, some of those thingsare:· In Business a multi-nationalchocolate food produc
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Chocolate Addictions
by Carmen Sandago. Chocolate contain severalsubstances, some of them areconsidered addictive, and are insuch small amounts as to be nonaddictive.· Caffeine a stimulant found incoffee and tea is also found insmall amounts in cho
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Blending Chocolate
by Carmen Sandago. Different types of chocolate orcouvertures are made by blendingvarying amounts of chocolateliquor with the fat (cocoabutter). These types areidentified by the list ofingredients in each, with theingredient with high
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A History of Chocolate
by Carmen Sandago. From the Nahuatl language of theAztecs of Mexico, the wordchocolate is derived for the wordxocolatl a combination of thewords, xocolli which means bitterand atl which is water.It has been suggested that the Spaniards
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A Chocolate Primer
by Fran Black. A trip down the baking aisle in a grocery store presents the pastry chef with more options for chocolate than the candy counter. But if you're stuck in a pinch, is it okay to substitute semi-sweet chips with a bittersweet bar? What can a glimpse at...
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Making Diabetic Chocolates
by Joe Smith. I have a couple of friends who are diabetic, and they occasionally bemoan the fact that they can’t eat much chocolate, largely because of the sugar content. Products designed specifically for diabetics tend to contain maltitol, which doesn’t...
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Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies
by Hayden Barile. Missing your sweets on your gluten free Diet ? Here is a great recipe for Gluten free Chocolate chip Cookies for those on a wheat free, gluten free diet. Quinoa Choc-chip cookiesHalf cup Lactose free butter or margarine (could try using light olive...
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The Worlds Finest Chocolate - How do you Decide?
by Michael Haydon. The World's Finest Chocolate is an American chocolate company. It is family owned and operated, and operate out of Chicago. They have specialized and are most well known and loved for producing the special fundraising chocolate products which we all...
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Chocolate Dessert - Something for Everyone
by Michael Haydon. Who doesn't like a rich, delicious chocolate dessert to end a great meal? In fact, a great chocolate dessert recipe can make an otherwise bland meal seem great. They say people remember the end of the meal more than the beginning. So, it's no...
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Health By Chocolate: Why Dark Chocolate May Be Good For You
by Jason Flintstone. It's that time of year when giving and indulging in the sweetness of sweets (especially with your sweetie) is seen as perfectly acceptable. But, new research shows that there are more reasons than ever to NOT avoid or deny your chocolate cravings all...
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Have Your Chocolate And Eat It Too!
by Carol Carroll. Have Your Chocolate, and Eat It Too!If you are trying to adhere to a low carb or diabetic diet and believe you have got to sacrifice taste so you can do it, you will be surprised at the tasty chocolate truffles and chocolates available at...
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Chocolate Gift
by Prakash Sinha. Chocolate Gift -Choc au Lait selling quality chocolate gifts from across the continentChoc au Lait is a family run business with a single central theme - Chocolate. Choc au Lait started selling to the local community in Hampshire, UK through schoo
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Chocolate Rocks
by Adrian Kennelly. 5 ozs. sweet chocolate1/2 pint (1 cup) thick cream2 tablespoonfuls hot sugar syrup1 teaspoonful vanilla extract1 oz. unsweetened chocolate1/2 teaspoonful almond extract1 lb. sweet grated chocolate1/2 oz. melted cocoa-butter1/2 teaspoonful rose...
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Easy And Delicious Chocolate Fondue
by Sara Gray. Do you want to know how to make chocolate fondue the easy way? Doesn't even saying the words out loud, "Chocolate Fondue" make you want to swoon with ecstacy?I mean, really! Who wouldn't love this decadent dessert? Forget the diet! And who says you...
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The Original Chocolate
by Wayne Ryan. The word "chocolate" is said to be derived from the Mayan word "xocoatl." In fact, the Mayans, who occupied the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico starting in the 3rd century, were the first people to unlock the secrets of cacao seeds to make chocolate...
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Ex-sinful Chocolate Helps You Beat Winter Blues
by Anne Ehmer. While very active people could have chocolate without any fear, it was a luxury sedentary people could ill afford. Luxury is the word; chocolate has always been considered a luxury for the palate and it had a certain air of wickedness. Not any more,...
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