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Chocolate History
by Michael Russell. In this third part of our multi part series on chocolate, we're going to pick up our discussion continuing with the Industrial Revolution. When the Industrial Revolution hit, so did the mass production of chocolate, which spread its popularity among...
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Chocolates - The Top 10
by Michael Russell. In this article we're going to review what at least a majority of people in the United States view as the top 10 chocolate treats. The famous Gallop Poll does polls on just about everything, especially on what people like to eat. So it should come...
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Chocolate - Breaking The Habit
by Michael Russell. In this article we're going to give some tips on how to break the chocolate eating habit if it's taken control of your life. Let's face it. Everybody loves chocolate. Okay, well, almost everybody. And for some people that love becomes an...
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The Health Benefits of Sugar Free Chocolates
by Natalie Aranda. Romance, music and chocolates - what would life be without these?One of the most pleasurable activities in life is eating chocolates, second only to romance. The melting of the brown pieces in the mouth give feelings that is akin to being in love....
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Chocolate Dipped Candy
by Barney Garcia. If you are dipping candy in chocolates, then the only chocolate you should use is top quality chocolate. Consider using confectionery chocolate, made especially for coating candy. It melts smoothly and has excellent characteristics as well as...
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Some Tasty Chocolate History
by Michael Russell. The story begins some two millennia ago in the tropical rainforests of the Americas. Although the cacao tree had been around for some time, the natives had never used the beans inside the pods for food. Upon discovering that the seeds could be...
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Chocolate Gift - Perfect Gift
by Hallidae Thomason. Life provides all too many occasions to purchase gifts for family members and friends. We celebrate with the ones we love for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, the birth of babies, graduations and many other significant events. Don't get me wrong,...
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Chocolate-- The Newest Health Food?
by Dianne Ronnow. There are now even more reasons for chocolate lovers to rejoice! As more amazing research news comes in about chocolate, the substance is moving from a bad-for-you candy to an important health food. Those of us who had always continued to indulge in...
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You Cant Go Wrong With Chocolate Candy Gifts
by Julee Mitchelsin. It seems like there are nearly endless occasions for gift giving in today's world. We give gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and a host of other holidays and celebrations. I can hardly make it through a week or two without having the...
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The Effects Of Chocolate On The Emotions
by Michael Russell. It is common perception that chocolate is a mood elevator although some people believe that it causes headaches and migraine. Though it is widely accepted that chocolate affects our moods, the research on this is still in a fluid state. Every...
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Why You Cant Stop Eating Chocolate!
by Michael Russell. Have you ever thought about why you like to eat chocolate so much? Most of us would answer "because it tastes so good" but there is much more to it than that. There are some studies that show what kind of physical effects you can have eating...
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Chocolate Bar Can Make You And Your Heart Happy
by Ng Peng Hock. Chocolate can make you happy. Yes, this is definitely true especially for those chocolate lovers. But chocolate can make your heart happy! It sound contradicting to what you are normally told : "Don't take too much chocolate, it will increase your...
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Chocolate - The Sinful Treat!
by Sean Carter. What does rich, dark, melting and drop dead heavenly remind you of ? Some good looking guy of course! Surprise, I am not talking about any guy. I am talking about chocolate.... melt-in-the mouth chocolate.Chocolate is one thing that very few people...
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Chocoholics Rejoice... Chocolate is Healthy?
by Danna Schneider. I've always considered chocolate to be one of the most decadent, satisfying and unquestionably addictive foods on this earth (along with countless other women, I'm sure).It's been there for me as a pleasure-producing comfort food through rough times,...
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Health Benefits of Chocolate
by L Fleenor. If you are a chocolate lover, you are going to love hearing about this. It is a little known fact that chocolate can be beneficial to your health. This article will help give some insight on why chocolate is beneficial to your health. Eating...
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History of Chocolate Easter Confection
by Anne Harvester. The Mayans and Aztecs were two ancient people groups of Southern Mexico and Guatemala. What did they have to do with the history of Easter? This is where chocolate originated, and tied to the history of chocolate Easter confections provides a rich...
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Is Chocolate Really Better Than Love?
by Sandy Habhab. It`s been debated over for decades, maybe even centuries for all we know, but is chocolate really better than love? For many a hard-working woman running a household in tandem with a career, a block of Cadbury could easily be more appetizing than...
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Belgian Chocolate Biscuits
by John Hayward. Since the discovery of chocolates, a lot of people have been crazy about it. In fact, in today's world, people are still craving for great tasting and fine chocolates from different parts of the world. You have to consider that everyone loves...
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The Miracle Ingredients of Belgian Chocolates
by Jan Richards. Everybody loves chocolates. But because it is usually sweet, some people are banned from eating such delicious treats due to some diseases. In this way, they totally give up eating chocolates. However, most people are unaware of the health benefits...
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Cocoa Farmers Go Straight to Chocolate Manufacturers
by Cristian Stan. The chocolate industry is ever improving and developing. If before, middlemen are involved whenever a big chocolate company has to order tons of raw cocoa beans from farmers, now things are different.The middlemen can now be eliminated from the...
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Chocolate Chip Cookie
by Julybhisham. Chocolate chip cookies are a wonderful treat for the entire family and really easy to make. The right ingredients can make the most of whichever recipe you prefer to use. First, always stick with real butter. Margarine just doesn't work as well and...
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The Organic Chocolate Revolution
by Carmen Sandago. The cocoa industry in Venezuela isseeing a big comeback as farmersin that country are going organic.In recent years the news fromVenezuela was more about oil andpolitics than anything else,however, chocolate is now taking
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Medical Values of Chocolate
by Carmen Sandago. There have been myriad studies onthe subject of chocolate, andreading them in some instances youfind it hard to believe they arestudying the same subject.However, the one thing thateveryone agrees on is thatchocolate
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Making Chocolate the Aztec Way
by Carmen Sandago. While the Maya drank chocolatehot, the Aztecs seem to havepreferred it cool; at least thatis what research has shown. Oneof the conquerors of Hernan Corteswrote quite a bit about themethods the Aztecs used for making
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Is Chocolate an Energy Drink
by Carmen Sandago. There are as many studies showingchocolate to be an energy drink asthere are studies showing that itis not. If you are raised in aculture that believes chocolatewill make you hyperactive, givingyou a lot of energy, then it will
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