Chopping Is Cutting An Item Into Small Pieces And Size And

A good sharp knife is used to shape a food product and reduce its size. Having the same size and shape ensures even cooking. Items are shaped by slicing, chopping,
dicing, mincing and other special cutting techniques. Slicing is used to create three specialty cuts: chiffonier, rundle, and diagonal. Slicing skills are also used to produce oblique or roll cuts and lozenges. A chiffonier is to finely slice or shred leafy vegetables or herbs. You first wash and distend the leaves, such as spinach. Stack several leaves on top of each other and roll them tightly like a cigar. For more details you can go to Then make fine slices across the leaves while holding the leaf roll tightly. Rendell’s are disk-shaped slices of round vegetables or fruits, such as carrots. Diagonals are oval-shaped slices of cylindrical vegetables or fruits. The cut is similar to cut rundles except that the knife is held at an angle to the item being cut.
Oblique cuts are small pieces with two angle-cut sides.
You hold the knife at a 45-degree angle, and make the first cut. Roll the item a half turn, keeping the knife at the same angle, and make another cut. The result should be a wedge-shaped piece with two angled sides. Lozenges, not cough drops, are diamond-shaped cuts prepared from firm vegetables such as carrots, turnips, and potatoes. Slice the item into long slices however thick you want it. Then cut the slices into strips. Cut the strips at an
angle to produce diamond shapes. Sounds easy, doesn't it. Horizontal slicing is used to cut a pocket into meats, poultry, or fish. This is usually referred to as butter flying. Chopping is cutting an item into small pieces and size and shape are not important. This is much easier than the other ways of cutting. Mincing is the same except the pieces are
smaller. Dicing is cutting an item into a cube. Chefs in restaurants would want each side to be equal. Before an item is diced, it is cut into sticks, such as juliennes and baton nets. The sticks are 2 inches long, with the sides either 1/8"for juliennes or 1/4" for baton nets. Burnoose is cubes of 1/16", small dice are 1/4", medium dice are 1/2", and large dice are 3/4". Pays Anne is a flat, square, round or triangular item 1/2" x 1/2" x 1/16".
Turner is a cutting technique that results in a football- shaped finished product with 7 equal sides and flat ends. This is a difficult cutting technique that takes a lot of patience.
Parisian’s are spheres of fruits or vegetables cut with a small melon ball cutter.
Now that you know all the different types of cuts, my advice
would be to find machines that slice and dice, such as a
mandolin. They are much quicker and usually safer.

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