The Pros To Woodworking With Biscuits

Unlike the common woodworking statement: Good woodworking projects use glue, the truth is that it takes much more than that. One of the most essential tools for excellent work working is wood biscuits. Biscuits are small discs that are oval in shape. Using a biscuit jointer they are inserted into their place. Biscuits of course have not always been around. Before biscuits were used, woodworking used wooden pegs but they serve the same purpose.

The purpose is to join two pieces of wood to each other. Typically more than the glue is needed. Glue is a staple in woodworking and definitely necessary but more is often needed for secure and professional projects. Biscuits are easy and quite simple to put into place and use within projects. The biscuit joiner is used to cut holes in the opposite side of the project. Once the hole is cut then the biscuit can be covered in glue and put into place. Then the two pieces of wood should be clamped together. This is the best way to attach two pieces of wood together for a professional finish.

The benefit to biscuits is that they add strength and durability to a project. Their main purpose is as a joiner. They are typically made of pieces of compressed wood. The actual composition depends on who the supplier is, but it is quite common for it to be similar to beech shavings. The biscuit is fit into place in the hole that was made by the biscuit joiner and actually expands in the hole to make a strong seal. This tightening of the biscuit and slot allows for better smoothing later on.

The common size for a biscuit is about one fourteenth of an inch however, there are varying sizes. There are a standard three sizes. What is called size zero is about five eights of an inch wide and one and three quarters inches long. Secondly, there is size number ten. This size is three quarters of an inch wide and two and one eights of an inch long. The last size is size number twenty. This size is one inch thick and about two and three eights of an inch long. However, sizing can change from manufacturer to manufacturer and if there is a specific size needed then it can probably be tracked down by checking with the different companies and what sizes they carry.

It is suggested that the largest biscuit size possible for the project should be used to ensure heightened stability. There are some standard joints where biscuits are always used, although any joint can use a biscuit. First, they are used in edge to edge joints, like in most table designs. They are also used anytime that there is a miter joint. This is common in picture frames. The common purpose in these types of joints is stability. However, when looking for strength like in butt joints or end to end joints, biscuits are used as well. Biscuits are also common in corner joints and T joints.

When starting to use biscuits in woodworking especially when using a joiner tool there are a few essentials to follow. Storage of biscuits can be tricky. They need to be kept clean, dry, and away from air. They can be damaged easily by moisture. When in contact with moisture, they will swell and then this makes them unusable. Second, the joint should be checked several times before installing the biscuits. This is called dry fitting and it is an essential in the woodworking process. Biscuits can be bought at any home improvement or repair store. They can also be found easily online with specialty companies.

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