Make A Cookie Gift Basket

Looking for a special way to show your appreciation to someone? Why not make up a cookie gift basket. Just about everyone has a sweet tooth when it comes to cookies, and there are so many different flavors to choose from, and endless possibilities for how to arrange and package this yummy treat.

You don't have to know someone really well to give them a cookie gift basket, so it makes an ideal present to show your gratitude to people like teachers, hair stylists, the postman, and the newspaper carrier. However, it's also easy to personalize a cookie basket for someone close to you, by choosing certain cookies and presenting them thoughtfully. Either way, you're sure to make someone smile.

You want the cookies to be as fresh as possible. If you're handy in the kitchen, you can bake them yourself. Otherwise, visit a local bakery or gourmet cookie shop. Of course, there's a huge selection of flavors and varieties to choose from to fill your cookie gift basket, and this will be the hard part. If you're giving it to a casual acquaintance, your best bet is to choose an assortment. For the cookie lover who you know well, it will be easier to pick out their favorites.

Select a striking basket or cookie tin and assemble your treats in a pleasing pattern. Wrap your gift basket in some decorative cellophane or a gift basket bag, and tie it up with a huge bow. Then add a small card with a special note of appreciation. These personal touches will make your gift more meaningful.

When packaging your cookie basket, you should consider having a theme. A birthday basket calls for vibrant colors and maybe some birthday candles scattered among the cookies. For Christmas, you'll want to use reds and greens, with velvet or satin bows. If you're giving a basket of Halloween pumpkins or Valentine's hearts, your wrapping should reflect the season.

Likewise, you can pick the flavor of your cookie according to the occasion. Cinnamon and ginger are perfect for Christmas cookies. Pumpkin is a good choice for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Some people have special dietary requirements and can't eat a sugary treat or anything containing gluten or wheat products. Look for a supplier that has cookies that are suitable for people with diabetes or other needs. Or you can find a recipe that fits the requirements and make your own. There are sugar substitutes available that can be used in baking just like sugar.

You can have a lot of fun making up a cookie gift basket, with all the cookie varieties and decorating options. And the recipient is sure to have a lot of fun eating it up.

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