Great American Cookie was created for the person who's passionate about good cookies. Our cookie recipes are family favorites. Most of our recipes come from Susie's kitchen. She has been making delicious great American cookies for her family, friends and neighbors for many reasons. The main reason she makes cookies is to just share her delightful talent of cookie baking. But when there is a tender time in someone's life or family's life, what better way to raise everyone’s spirits, than fresh homemade cookies. However, cookies are a great surprise anytime. Susie's talent for baking wonderfully delicious homemade cookies is well known by her family and friends. She gets many requests to bake cookies for many occasions. On this web site Susie wants to share her passion with baking delicious cookies with all who visit this site. She has passed down her love and passion for cookie baking to her loved ones, as her mother passed it along to her.

Susie gained her talents and knowledge of cookie baking from her mother, who gained her knowledge from her mother. From generation to generation these recipes and baking know how has been handed down. Baking has always been a family affair in Susie's family. All the worlds’ problems are swept away, with laughter and the love shared baking great American cookies.

Susie's mother was well known for beautiful and delicious wedding cakes. She baked wedding cakes to make extra income for her family of four. Her mother was the soul income of the family. Her father died when she was but four years of age. Susie helped her mother in the kitchen baking these delicious cakes, and then decorating them with artistic talent. Susie gained her love and passion for baking at an early age. Her best and most favorable memories of her childhood, was baking in the kitchen with her mother and sisters.

Susie has passed on her talent for baking to her daughter in law. Susie's daughter in law came into the family with little or no cooking skills. Susie took on the job of mother to teach her cooking and baking skills. In no time she became a skilled baker and cook. Susie has three beautiful granddaughters by her daughter in law. Susie has taught her love and passion for baking to her grandchildren. The two oldest grandchildren love to bake, especially cookies. The youngest, still under two years of age, I'm sure will follow in her sister's footsteps.

Baking cookies is usually a weekend family affair, with daughter in law and granddaughters baking a batch of delightful cookies with Susie. What a wonderful and delightful way to resolve problems, grow closer together and to forget the world’s cares when baking a batch of cookies with family and friends.

By Frank H. Carter

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