Cookies-The Perfect Gift For Any Occasion!

A simple sugary sweetness is the idea that is often conjured when the word cookie is uttered. The texture and flavor of Nana's secret chocolate chunk and raisin cookie or the crunchy sweetness of Mom's one of a kind macadamia cookies, let you reminisce about your childhood. Cookies, no matter what the essence, size, or shape, are loved world wide by a majority of folks.

The Perfect Present

It is no surprise, because so many people find cookies to be pleasing, that cookie gifts are a great present to give someone. It helps to find out what types of cookie the person likes, so you can be sure to get them the right kind. A good way to find out what cookies they want, is to share your cookie preferences with them. That usually gets people talking about their preferences too. It's always easy to see that a cookie gift was appreciated, just look for the crumbs!

If you want to give a cookie gift to your co-worker or someone who is more of an acquaintance, you can consider a cookie basket as an attractive idea. Most cookie baskets contain a variety of cookies, so the recipient is sure to find something appealing inside.
Cookie baskets can be given to anyone, including people whose preferences you don't know. Cookies never go out of season!

A gift certificate to a cookie store or bakery will work if you don't know what kind of cookies the recipient wants. With this, the recipient can choose their favorite type of cookie.

Inspired Cookie Creations

For a variety of cookies, try the increasingly popular cookie towers and pre-made gift boxes. They usually include a variety of cookies so the recipient is sure to enjoy them. Most towers and gift boxes have an aura of sophistication, because of their elegant wrapping.

A "cone" or "jar" of cookie mix is a good creative gift. To make a cookie mix jar, find a plain glass jar--perhaps one from the dollar store--and fill it with the dry ingredients of the cookie recipe. It is a delight to the senses to layer the cookie mix in a special way, for example according to color-- placing brown sugar on the bottom, followed by chocolate chips, then vanilla, then sugar, and topping it all off with cinnamon, macadamia nuts or other goodies makes for a visual treat. A ribbon could be used to attach the needed recipe card to the jar.

Decorating the jar will make it even nicer. A cookie "cone" is created using special bags that are shaped for frosting a cake. You can use vibrant ingredients and a recipe tag to make the cone look very original.

Make sure to go for creativity in your gifts! There are many ways to give a perfect cookie gift; just have fun with it! Consider what sort of cookie the person likes and try to go with something suitable. Remember that cookies are supposed to be FUN!

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