Wedding Cake Suggestions.

Today, I am focusing on all those yummy, and don’t forget, beautiful Wedding cakes that I have tasted over the years.

I have taste tested so many wonderful cakes at Weddings over the years and I thought I’d share some ideas and suggestions with you when planning your Wedding and trying too find the most perfect cake. And wait a minute, not just trying to find the perfect cake, but trying to find the mot beautiful and season conscious cakes as well.

First, the yummy part. Cakes are very important at Weddings. People are always so excited for the cake part. Making sure that is taste yummy is equally important, as making sure that it look beautiful. Suggestions go out there, around the city and towns that you live and taste test! Its fun and is most certainly a must. Every baker has his or hers own way and style of baking. Some bakers I’ve noticed tastes a little more salty than others, etc. So taste testing is truly your best option! Not to mention, it’s a blast!!

Another important part of taste testing is that you make sure you get a variety of options. Now, just because you are a chocolate lover and want chocolate cake, with chocolate frosting drizzled in fudge, doesn’t mean everyone loves that too. What I’ve have seen done most at Weddings is the Bride and Groom will make the cake that they cut, just the way they like it, and then on the other tiers, make different flavors like vanilla, lemon, raspberry, strawberry, etc. So make sure that you have a few options, as everyone’s tastes are different.

Another suggestion, add a little funk to your cake! Instead of just having a cake with frosting, have your Baker put something in the middle. Isn’t it just the best when you are eating a doughnut and you bite into it only to discover that its jelly or pudding filled! Jack pot!! That’s the best. So do that with your cake. My most favorite cake I’ve ever had at a Wedding was of course, at my own Wedding. And the guests loved this cake. It was Vanilla cake, but in the center was sugared cream cheese and fresh strawberries. It was to die for! Yummy! And the guests were very pleasantly surprised.

Now to beautifying your cake! This part is very important as well. Photographs and Videos will be taken of this cake and of you and your new spouse cutting the cake and feeding it to each other. Just as you are picture perfect that day, so must your cake be also! Make sure that the colors on your cake coordinate with the colors of your Wedding and please make sure that nothing clashes!

Lastly, flowers. I know your thinking, “Wait! Flowers? Aren’t we talking about Wedding cakes?” Yes, we are. However, fresh flowers are a “must have” on your Wedding cake!! Cake make sure, in an organized way, you put fresh flowers, preferably flowers that match your bouquet. And did you know? There are suck things as eatable flowers?? Yes, its true! Eatable orchids are the yummiest, get the purple ones!

All in all, make sure your Wedding cake is yummy, beautiful and coordinates perfectly. Also, don’t forget to be weather conscious! Chocolate cakes with vanilla ice cream are good for winter, and lighter vanilla types cakes with sorbets are better for the Springs/Summers. Even an Ice Cream cake would be cool and really original!

Whatever you decide, make it wonderful!!

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