Wedding Cake Buying Tips

One of the most thought about aspects of any wedding is the wedding cake. Every bride wants their wedding cake to be the focal point of the wedding reception table and something that guests will admire and talk about even after the wedding day.

With so many designs and styles available plus the added option to customize and accessorize your wedding cake to suit your wedding theme the options are truly endless.

Before you embark on enrolling someone with the job of creating your cake it is worth making preliminary decisions before hand. Having an idea of what your budget is and what sort of cake you have in mind could save you a considerable amount of time. Do you know what filling the cake will have? Sponge or fruit cake? Do you want a tiered cake? If so how may tiers do you want for your wedding cake?. Having a few of these details already decided will help both you and the caterer you decide to employ.

Although it is a good idea to have ideas in mind, stay open to suggestions from the professionals, they may suggest something you may never have considered and that something could turn out to be your perfect wedding cake.

When you are ready to see the cake decorator or caterer (most should see you for a consultation free of charge) ask to see photos of their designs and do not be afraid to ask for something different or mix two styles together, most caterers should be happy to oblige.

Most wedding cakes are decorated with white icing but if your theme is pink or a different colour there is no reason why the icing on your cake should not match it.

Once you have chosen the filling for your wedding cake you then need to start thinking about a topper, the days of the imitation plastic bride and groom are long gone! Nowadays these cake toppers can be custom made and created to look exactly like the bride and groom, even down to the brides dress!.

Most wedding cake designers will need all decisions made and finalised three to six months before the event. I would strongly recommend having all items ordered six months in advance to allow for any changes that may need to be make and piece of mind for you.

You will need to budget well for your wedding cake, remember the cost of the cake is normally separate to the decorator's fee, it is also wise to ask if there is any charge for having the wedding cake delivered so every outlay will be covered in your budget.

What ever design or style you choose the wedding cake plays such an important role in the wedding day, having the perfect wedding cake to slice with your partner will make the day extra special.

After the wedding cake has been cut and enjoyed by the guests remember to keep your wedding cake topper safe, this keepsake will always remind you of your perfect day, and who knows, it could be passed down to your children to use on their special day.

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