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The wedding cake has been the mainstay of weddings for centuries. They are seen as important symbol of joy and prosperity. Even the ancient Romans would bake wheat cakes and break them over brides head as a symbol of fertility. But today wedding cakes have many more duties to perform. In a word they are as important as any other symbol of your wedding.

Wedding cakes are completely different from any other cake for they are to commemorate that special bond called marriage. They must be just as exquisite and memorable as your wedding. Today a lot of changes and new concepts have been brought into the wedding cake decoration styles. With a huge variety of choices in every component required for making cakes from flavors to decorations to cake toppings deciding upon the right one can be a tough task.

Today wedding cakes are a highly specialized and a time consuming affair which can be seen from the fact that some bakeries require up to two months advance booking to deliver special cakes. Some of the important components are:

Wedding Cake Toppings: An extremely important part of the wedding cake is nowadays generally made of non edible materials as they are applied for adding the decorative touche to the cake. Some of the most popular ones are made of porcelain and rhinestone. These tops add your personal view touch to the wedding cake decoration or can be used match the theme of the wedding location. Use the topping to express yourself or show your ideas of holy matrimony.

Wedding Cake Fillings: There are huge varieties of fillings to suit any taste. Some of the popular ones are fresh fruit, cheesecake, large varieties of chocolate based flavors for chocolate lover and Grand Marnier. You can choose fillings as per your taste or to suit the atmosphere of the occasion but must try not to choose any extreme flavors since all the guests may not like it.

Wedding Cake Icing and Frosting: The saying goes to sweep the icing off the cake shows how important is the cake icing for the overall flavors look and quality of the cake. Icing variety and qualities can make one bewildered with amazement since there are a huge variety of them.

Though icing and frostings are best decided by the bakers since they need to decide the type of material best suited for your wedding decorations. Some times firmer materials are needed which give a higher finish then you can use sugar icing. For colorful decoration Traditional Marzipan (25p.c. almond paste) can be used. Other than this other there are a variety of popular options available like cake decorators icing, Royal icing, Fondant etc.

So take your time and decide upon the wedding cake carefully and with some time in hand. Wedding cakes together with the bride and groom kissing over them makes a beautiful moment and conjures it as a more memorable one.

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