The Birthday Cake Recipes You Need

Just that birthday celebration is a special once in a while event that necessitates ordering a cake, the birthday cake recipes should therefore be very special and should be made to serve the right purpose for which it was made.

The right birthday cake recipes is not just mixing flour, sugar, baking powder, etc, together it is all about pre-determining the right texture, taste and presentation you desired and the cake materials that can help you get them.

Cake Recipes

When choosing what birthday cake recipes you would like to create you must know that there are two types of cake - butter and foam. Butter cakes are made from butter or shortening and foam cakes are made from eggs or egg whites. These two types are really the general, umbrella, or catch-all terms. There are actually dozens or even hundreds of varieties on cakes that you can study and enjoy.

Your birthday cake recipes ideas should help you to differentiate well between butter and foam cake.

Butter cakes are light and fine textured, while foam cakes are fluffy. Foam cakes can be angel food, chiffon or sponge, patterned after your interest. They form the foundation for most birthday cake recipes with extras and creativity adding to the taste and decoration.

There are different types of birthday cake recipes. All time favorites include white cake with chocolate frosting, chocolate cake with white frosting and carrot cake. A simple birthday cake recipe would need, sugar, vanilla, eggs, flour and baking powder. Frosting should normally be added to the right amount that is smooth and soft enough spread. Glazes should be thinner, but not drippy. Food coloring can be used to tint frosting and garnished with goodies like chocolate or multi-colored sprinkles, animal crackers, nuts, raisins, coconut, jelly beans, fresh or dried fruit, etc.

Special birthday cake recipes can be located in many cookbooks and on the internet. Family packaged recipes are the best, so ask your good grandma or aunt for their special cake ingredients. If you're daring, you can even try your own hand at making the next big thing in cake recipes.

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