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Dear Sweetheart,
It’s an awesome moment for us again to celebrate this 5th Anniversary of ours in a magnificent way. I might not be in front of you physically but rest assured, I am in your heart always. What may come, I am always with you. We have already taken a pledge at least 2 years before we came together legally that in spite of the odds we are going to come together and stay together forever. No doubts about that, absolutely. As I am writing this letter to you, tears are rolling down my eyes and I hope as you are reading it, the same is happening to you. I can still remember each and every moment that we passed together on this memorable day of our life. It’s been 5 years now that we are staying together officially and more that 8 years we are in strong in our relationship. I can’t express how I feel right now- words really are not enough to reflect what’s happening inside me. I believe you can perceive being my better half and you have always been my better half. I really thank you for that. Sorry, there isn’t any question of thanks in friendship. And, before life partners, we are friends, in fact very good friends who can feel the agony, the pain, the perception of the opposite half before even it comes in our mind. That’s why we are still together in spite of traversing the tumultuous tracks in our life.

And Honey, let me tell you - I have ordered a decorated cartoon cake online, your hot favorite. After all, you are my heart and you will see that the size of your heart is somehow related to the gift I have sent for you. And, I promise you that you have to jump in delight after opening the wrapper. Keep guessing until it reaches your hand. My love is poured into it. Unfold it and you can get them afresh, still fresh and live even after 5 years and I commit that it would be forever. Along with your one, I have also planned to send the Christmas cakes to India to mom. Just don’t forget to give mom and dad a big hug as a surprise on the Christmas Eve. They would be delighted. I know you will. Just make their Christmas the most memorable one in spite of not having their beloved son beside them right now. In fact, they won’t be able to miss me as their daughter and son both are there beside in the form of you - my sweetest heart. I’ll send chocolate cakes tomorrow to all of my friends and your friend in India.
That’s not all from my side rather it’s the size of the page that betrayed me so I pause here till I can come back to you with some good news about my projects here. Lots of hugs and kisses and ……
Yours forever,

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