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It’s almost that time of year again; back to school they go! School supplies and clothes are on the minds of all moms. Some mothers are sending their children off to college with hope and warm wishes. Some may be sending their little ones to their very first day of kindergarten. Either way, we can help ease the pain and make it special for all.

Although Make a Diaper Cake Biz is famous for making "diaper cakes" from baby blankets and diapers, we love making cakes for any occasion…and you can too!

Using a towel and my template, we made a very unique towel cake called "Cramming for Exams." It's filled with great things to help your child survive staying awake and cramming for those big exams. Below is a list of items I used for this cake but you can feel free to customize it to your child’s taste.

Supplies you will need:
- One large hand towel
- Shred
- Construction paper
- Tissue paper or packing paper
- A pack of index cards
- Highlighters and pencils
- The goodies -- Two cans of Starbucks double-shot coffee drinks, M&M's, Twix, Hersheys Chocolate Sticks, Choxie Coffee Toffee Bar, Snickers candy bar.

Start with using my template and round it out into a shape of a cake. Cut a strip of construction paper to insert inside of towel; fill with packing paper, shred and then arrange products to your liking. That’s it…simple and fun! You can make your own Back to School or College Cake, or contact us to make one for you.

Here is a list of other helper cakes for your child’s college days.

Get Well Cake: Take a yellow hand towel and use my method above. Fill with a big soup mug with a smiley face, chicken soup mix, a good book or magazine, tissues, vapor rub and cold medicine. If you can’t be there for your college student, at least you can send the gift of love to them.

Just for the Bathroom Cake: Make this a two-layer cake by bringing the top layer in slightly. Use a set of towels, roll the smaller ones and fill the center with things like toothpaste, small size mouthwash, floss and soap. Fill the cake with toothpaste, small mouthwash, floss, and soap. For the top layer, stuff with their favorite shampoo or body wash, lotions and deodorant.

Snack Attack Cake: Fill with all their favorites; chips and cookies. No one knows their child’s taste better than good ole’ mom.

Movie Night Cake: Fill with microwave popcorn, drinks, a gift card from blockbuster and of course candy.

Do you have younger ones going for the first time? Why not help ease the pain a bit with a cute cake filled with crayons, paints, glue sticks, little games, flash cards and little snacks for the first big day. Oh and you may want to add a little gift for the teacher too.

These back to school towel cakes can fit any children in your home. Just by adjusting the products, you too can put a smile on all your children’s faces.

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