How to Impress With a Cake

Is this a moment of pure fear to you? The in-laws just rang to say they’ll be "popping around in just a moment, dear!"... And your house is a mess and there’s absolutely nothing in the kitchen to serve them for afternoon tea!!
I know I start to panic!!
Well, at least I used to start panicking, but now I have a SECRET WEAPON! And that secret weapon is a simple yet delicious and impressive cake that I can whip up in less than 10 minutes and have ready to serve to them piping hot! Making cakes has become my magic charm!
It impresses them every time, and the best thing is the wonderful home-baked treat completely distracts them from whatever mess the house is in! The slowly smile as they take that first mouthful of cake with cream, and look so pleased with their clever daughter-in-law!
This particular cake I always make in an ‘emergency’ has become my speciality! My in-laws rave about this cake to all their friends, and it’s always a knock-out at school fetes or birthday parties! It is truly the fool-proof, all-occasion cake! It’s simple, you can make it with ingredients you always keep in the pantry, and it’s delicious! And a sprinkling of icing sugar, or coconut, or white chocolate, and it looks like a dream! A few berries on the side, and people are in raptures!
This is one secret that is just too good to be kept! Discover my favorite ‘emergency’ cake here, you’ll just love it! ...You won’t find it anywhere else! Enjoy!!

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