Flavoring Your 10-inch Cheesecake Recipe

The 10-inch cheesecake recipe is the most common size found both in cookbooks and on recipe Web sites, and it's a big canvas on which to write a flavor signature. While the base recipe is a marvel of creamy goodness, it's natural to want to branch out and add your favorite flavor into the mix.
One of the most popular flavors to add is peanut butter, usually in combination with chocolate chips or a drizzle of chocolate sauce. However, if you are a true peanut butter devotee, you don't need no stinkin' chocolate in your peanut butter! In fact, why not go whole-hog with your effort and make it peanutty from top to bottom? Use crushed peanut butter cookies for the crust, peanut butter in the mix (and even some chopped peanuts if you like) and sprinkle chopped dry-roasted peanuts on top right before serving.

Chocolate purists have even more options when it comes to creating the ultimate in chocolate perfection. Not only can they use a variety of chocolate cookies to create the crust, but their options for adding chocolate into the cheesecake are legion. There's the straightforward mixing in of chocolate syrup, adding a swirl of fudge, sprinkling in chocolate chips, putting a layer of shaved chocolate on top and even making a layered cake, with dark chocolate on the bottom and straight cheesecake on top.

The toppings for a chocolate cheesecake run the gamut, too. I've got a friend who lets her daughters use Magic Shell to make "cheesecake in a shell" for sleepover snacks. There are the usual chocolate syrups, of course, and shaved dark chocolate can't miss.

If you want to go a step beyond, though, make a decadent chocolate ganache and pour it over the cake before serving. You'll have diners asking if they can stay overnight for the leftovers!

These are just two of the options for flavoring your 10-inch cheesecake recipe. There are as many more as there are flavors in the world ... experiment and discover!

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