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Every bride wants the perfect wedding cake design. But how without a background in design and at least a general familiarity with the baking business how do you know what is possible and what is not? Indeed, there are probably more wedding cake designs than wedding themes. So if you've been wondering how to find ideas for my wedding cake design, here are some tips for you.

Fortunately, while "How do I get ideas for my wedding cake design?" is one of the most asked questions among brides, the answer is that there really are several outlets for wedding cake design ideas.

There are an abundance of wedding cake galleries on the Internet. Do a search for "wedding cake pictures" or "wedding cake designs" then take some time to browse and picture each design as a part of your celebration. Then if you find one that really strikes your fancy, you can print out a picture and file it to show your pastry chef when it comes time to find a bakery to create you masterpiece. Note: Doing the same search with your city and state included might find you a skilled wedding cake provider that you are unfamiliar with.

Another option is a wedding planner; they will often have pictures of wedding cakes that you can adapt to meet your needs.

Go to weddings, when you can get an invitation an look at the wedding cake - this will give you the opportunity to to taste it as well which could lead you to - and / or away from certain bakeries as well as giving you design ideas.

Ask to look at your friends and family's wedding photographs. It's a rare individual that won't jump at the chance to show them off and the picture of the cake they commissioned might inspire you.

If you are talented at design, you could even sit down and draft your own design for a wedding cake that reflects your wedding only.

Most bakeries have a book that contains a picture gallery of wedding cakes but save your visit to any pastry chef (regardless of whether they are in a formal bakery or are employed by the hotel that is hosting your reception)until after you have a pretty good idea of what you want. Why? Simply because an experienced pastry chef will be able to help you adapt an idea to fit your budget, but he or she can only do that if you have an idea for your wedding cake design in the first place.

Wedding cakes come in all colors and shapes and can be adapted to what you want. From the traditional designs with garlands and icing flowers to a cake that looks like a stack of wedding presents, to a stack of crowns, to a tower of pastry, pillars, and flowers complete with butterflies - your options are endless so don't wear yourself out worrying about how to get an idea for you wedding cake design. There are plenty of sources out there.

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