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Who would think that cakes made in bakeries contain nasty, artery-clogging, cell-altering trans fatty acids? Most people don’t even think about it or read the ingredients, and sadly, some people don’t even care. As long as they’re able to quickly get cakes for special occasions, they could care less. Bakeries often use trans fatty acids in place of butter, in ‘butter’ cream frosting. This is totally ridiculous! Their rationale for using this (shortening, such a Crisco is trans fatty acids!) is because it stays solid for longer periods of time, unlike butter. But it isn’t butter, and it isn’t healthy.

There is a long list of other unhealthy items that are regularly used in cakes, but you don’t have to continue to put that poison into your family’s bodies. You have one of two choices, well three, actually, but I don’t think that many people want to totally give up cake. You can either buy your cakes from a whole foods bakery or bake them yourself. Whole foods bakeries specialize in baking all of their items without all that unnecessary garbage. If you order butter cream frosting, you get real butter cream frosting, not trans fatty acid cream! You may think that the taste of the cakes may be compromised, but this is untrue. The taste is actually tastier without those toxin-producing chemicals. It will help you to realize that chemicals even taste nasty!

If you choose not to pay a few extra bucks to get cakes from a whole foods bakery, then why not bake your own? As long as you have the right equipment, you can produce delicious, healthy cakes for your family and friends. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never baked before, it is possible to do. Just find any of your favorite cake recipes and substitute the ingredients for healthy ones. I guarantee you that your friends and family won’t know the difference, unless you tell them.

By choosing to avoid the unhealthy, store-bought cakes, you are doing something excellent for yourself. Prolonging your life, bettering your health, and even improving how you feel are just a few of the benefits of doing this. And while you’re at it, why not change your entire lifestyle to a healthier one? If you want to eat fast food once in a while, or even a small piece of store-bought cake at someone else’s engagement, it won’t hurt you much, but on a regular basis is too much for your body to handle

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